Download YGDP Tool 2020 (All Versions) with Installation Guide

YGDP Tool is a flash tool for Windows platform and it is used to flash Stock Firmware on Android Smartphones. Specifically, the YGDP Flash Tool let us flash any firmware with .cpb extension. So if you have a CPB file you need the YGDP Tool to flash it on the Android Phone. Here you can download all versions on YGDP Tool including the latest 2020 version.

We will also guide you to use the YGDP Tool to flash Firmware on Android Phones. Download any version of YGDP Tool from the links and install it on your Windows to flash Firmware on your phone. Check out the important YGDP Flash Tool features to learn more about it.

YGDP Tool Features

Flash Stock Firmware: YGDP Tool let you flash Stock Firmware with .cpb extension on Android Devices. The flashing through YGDP Tool is very easy first, you need to install it on Windows and then flash the Firmware.

Supports Windows Platform: All versions of YGDP Tool is available for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating system. You can download the YGDP Tool from the links.

Flash PreResource File: It let you flash PreResource files which are in IMG format on Android Phones. It can be achieved by downloading the IMG file and load the file in Config and flash the PreResource file.

Support Various Android Phones: The YGDP Tool supports all the Android Phones which has its firmware in CPB format. Phones like CoolPad & other companies are supported.

Config Tool: It has a Config Tool option where you can check the device info such as device name, eMMC CID, fuse info, instrument info.

Download YGDP Tool

Points To Remember While Using YGDP Tool

  • YGDP Tool Password is 9527 or 369 by default. This password will help you to unlock the YGDP Tool.
  • The tool is officially from CoolPad (Provider of YGDP Tool). So if you get any error/problem you can contact the CoolPad team.
  • It will only work to flash Firmware with .cpb extension. So make sure your device support .cpb extension firmware.
  • You can use the YGDP Tool on any Windows version that you have.

How To Flash CPB Firmware Using YGDP Tool

Step 1: First download the YGDP Tool setup from the links given above.

Step 2: Install the setup by following the setup wizard instructions.

Step 3: Open the YGDP Flashing Tool on your Windows PC.

Steps 4: After launching the tool it will ask for Password. Enter 9527 or 369 in the password field and click Login. YGDP Tool

Step 5: Once you are in YGDP Tool interface, click on the Config button. YGDP Tool

Step 6: Browse and add the CPB Firmware, for this you need to click on the file icon. YGDP Tool

Step 7: After adding the CPB firmware click on Apply button. YGDP Tool

Step 8: Now you need to connect your Android Phone on which you want to flash CPB Firmware.

Step 9: Click on the Start button to start the installation process. YGDP Tool

Step 10: After completion, it will popup a green successful message. Now you can disconnect your phone.

That’s it you have now successfully installed Stock Firmware on your phone. If you come across any error you can comment down below and we will reply with the solution. You can also contact the CoolPad team for the solution. Also, check out the FAQs that might help you while using the YGDP Tool.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Install YGDP Tool on the Windows Platform?

Yes, you can install YGDP Tool on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 versions. However, you can not install the tool on macOS.

How to Flash CPB Firmware Using YGDP Tool?

First, download the CPB Firmware for your phone. Open the YGDP Tool on your Windows PC then click on the Config button > Locate the download CPB File > Apply. Connect your phone and click on the Start button.

What is the CPB File?

CBP is a format or extension of a Firmware that you can flash using the YGDP Tool. Some phones like CoolPad, YU, etc. support the CBP Firmware.

How do I use the YGDP Tool?

YGDP is used for many purposes mainly installing the Stock Firmware. Open the tool and click on the Config button > Locate the download CPB File > Apply. Connect your phone and click on the Start button.

What is YGDP Tool?

YGDP Tool is a flash tool that is used to flash Firmware with CPB extension. It is only available for the Windows platform and it has multiple features such as flashing PreResource file.

What is the YGDP Tool Password?

After installing the YGDP Tool you need to enter a password every time you open the tool. The password is 9527 or 369 for YGDP Tool.

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