Download Realme USB Drivers for All Realme Devices [2022]

Realme USB Driver is a driver for the Windows platform and it is used to connect Realme phones to Computers. These drivers are required for multi-purpose such as Media transfer, ADB Commands, and more. It also allows you to flash Stock Firmware on Realme devices. Here you get to Download Realme USB Driver for Realme phones.

Realme USB Driver

USB Driver act as a bridge between Realme phones and Computer. It means it enables communication and transfer between two devices. If you have a Realme device then the Realme USB Drivers are essential in many cases such as if you bricked your phone then this will help to fix the phone. Realme is a sub-brand of Oppo and so most of the tools support Oppo phones as well as Realme phones. But this is not the case all the time so it’s better to choose a dedicated driver.

Realme USB Driver plays an important role in Realme devices connectivity. If you are in the development or testing field then you have to connect your phone to your PC regularly. And so, you will need the USB Driver in most cases.

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Download Realme USB Driver [Latest]

If you want to use the Realme USB Driver then first you have to download it. We have given the link to download Realme USB Driver so use the link given in the following table:

Realme PhonesUSB Driver
Realme 1Realme 1 USB Driver
Realme 2Realme 2 USB Driver
Realme 2 ProRealme 2 Pro USB Driver
Realme 3Realme 3 USB Driver
Realme 3iRealme 3i USB Driver
Realme 3 ProRealme 3 Pro USB Driver
Realme 5Realme 5 USB Driver
Realme 5iRealme 5i USB Driver
Realme 5 ProRealme 5 Pro USB Driver
Realme 5sRealme 5s USB Driver
Realme 6iRealme 6i USB Driver
Realme 6sRealme 6s USB Driver
Realme 6 ProRealme 6 Pro USB Driver
Realme 7Realme 7 USB Driver
Realme 7 ProRealme 7 Pro USB Driver
Realme 7iRealme 7i USB Driver
Realme 8Realme 8 USB Driver
Realme 8 ProRealme 8 Pro USB Driver
Realme C1Realme C1 USB Driver
Realme C2Realme C2 USB Driver
Realme C3Realme C3 USB Driver
Realme C11Realme C11 USB Driver
Realme C12Realme C12 USB Driver
Realme C15Realme C15 USB Driver
Realme C17Realme C17 USB Driver
Realme C21Realme C21 USB Driver
Realme C25Realme C25 USB Driver
Realme NarzoRealme Narzo USB Driver
Realme Narzo 10Realme Narzo 10 USB Driver
Realme Narzo 20Realme Narzo 20 USB Driver
Realme Narzo 20 ProRealme Narzo 20 Pro USB Driver
Realme Narzo 30Realme Narzo 30 USB Driver
Realme Narzo 30 ProRealme Narzo 30 Pro USB Driver
Realme Q2Realme Q2 USB Driver
Realme XRealme X USB Driver
Realme X2Realme X2 USB Driver
Realme X2 ProRealme X2 Pro USB Driver
Realme X3Realme X3 USB Driver
Realme X7Realme X7 USB Driver
Realme X7 ProRealme X7 Pro USB Driver
Realme X50Realme X50 USB Driver
Realme X50 ProRealme X50 Pro USB Driver
Realme XTRealme XT USB Driver
Realme U1Realme U1 USB Driver
Realme V3Realme V3 USB Driver
Realme V5Realme V5 USB Driver

Qualcomm Driver for Realme:

After downloading the USB Driver, you may require guidance to install the driver. So, check out the below guide and know how to install the Realme USB Driver. Also, check the supported phones and platforms.

Realme USB Driver Supported Platforms:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

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Realme USB DriversHow to Install

Step 1) Download the USB Driver for your Realme Device on your computer.

Step 2) Extract the Realme USB Driver RAR file.

Step 3) Open Device Manager on your computer. For this, you can directly search for Device Manager on the Windows search bar.

Realme USB Driver

Step 4) In the Device Manager tab click on Action > Add legacy hardware.

Realme USB Driver

Step 5) In Welcome to Add Hardware Wizard click Next. Then select ‘Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)’ and click Next > Next.

Realme USB Driver

Step 6) Now click Have Disk and then browse android_winusb.inf (it will be in the extracted Realme USB Driver). Select the file and click Open to add the legacy hardware.

Step 7) Click Next and install the Realme USB Driver. It will take only a few seconds and then the USB Driver will be installed on your computer.

Now you can easily connect your Realme phones to the computer without any application like PC Suite. But still, you will not be able to flash Firmware on your Realme phones. So, if you want to flash Firmware then you need VCOM & CDC Drivers. Follow the below installation guide.

How to Install VCOM & CDC Drivers

Step 1) Download Android VCOM Driver & Android CDC Driver on your computer.

Step 2) Extract both the downloaded drivers on your computer.

Step 3) Open Device Manager and go to Actions > Add legacy hardware.

Step 4) On the first page of the Installation wizard click Next. On the next page select ‘Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)’ and click Next > Next.

Step 5) Click Have Disk and browse the cdc-acm.inf file and install it.

Step 6) Now open the extracted Android VCOM Driver folder and double click on InstallDriver.exe and follow the on-screen instruction to install it. For Windows 7 or lower version install the VCOM Driver same as CDC Driver.

Step 7) That’s it, now you can flash Firmware on your Realme phones.

So, there you have it, the complete guide about Realme USB Driver. You can now transfer files between your Realme phone and your computer without any extra application or software. And also, you can flash Firmware using Realme Flash Tool.

If you have more questions regarding Realme USB Driver then read the below common FAQs which may help you to clear your doubts.

FAQs on Realme USB Drivers for Mobile Phones

What is Realme USB Driver for Mobile Phones?

USB Driver for Realme Mobile Phones is a program that allows you to connect your smartphone to your PC for testing applications or transferring data. And the flashing can only be done using a desktop computer. And USB Driver makes this possible for Realme Smartphones running on Android.

Is Realme USB Driver for Mobile Phones free?

Yes, the Realme USB Drivers are free to download and install. So you can simply download the drivers and access them on your PC.

How do I connect my Realme phone to a Computer?

To connect Realme phones to the computer you need to download and install the Realme USB Driver on your computer. You can install the Realme driver by adding the legacy hardware.

How do I transfer files from my Realme phone to my computer?

First, install the Realme USB Driver, and then connect your Realme phone to the computer using a USB cable. A popup will appear on your phone, there you need to select File Transfer Mode, and then you can transfer files between your Realme phone and your computer.

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