Download Latest QFlash Tool for Windows (Qualcomm Flash Tool) [2021]

It is the era of Qualcomm processors because of their high performance. And this is the reason you will find most of the phones with Qualcomm chipset. QFlash is the utility tool for Qualcomm-based devices for flashing stock ROM or Firmware. The QFlash tool is available for the Windows OS platform. If you have a phone with a Qualcomm processor then download the QFlash tool 2021.

There is more than one version of the QFlash tool available that you will get to download in this article. Read the below section to know more about QFlash tool.

What is QFlash Tool?

QFlash Tool

QFlash is a small utility tool for the Windows platform, and it is used to flash Stock ROM or Firmware on Qualcomm devices. The tool is also known as the Qualcomm Flash tool. It is capable of fixing a dead phone by flashing the right firmware on the Qualcomm powered device. It is a small tool and easy to use for flashing. The QFlash tool packs with some useful features that make it a great tool. QFlash supports most of the devices with Qualcomm chipset, including the latest devices.

QFlash Tool – Features

Flash Firmware – The tool lets users flash Firmware or Stock ROM on their Qualcomm devices to update the phone or even fixing the bricked phones.

Easy to Use – QFlash tool is a small tool and has a simple user interface. And so, it is easy to use the tool to flash Firmware or using other features of the tool.

Support Qualcomm devices – It supports most of the Qualcomm devices, including featured phones, and Smartphones. As most of the Android phones come with Qualcomm chipset, it means the tool is helpful for most of the users.

Support XML File – The QFlash tool supports contents.xml files to flash Firmware on Qualcomm devices. The contents.xml file can be found in Firmware by extracting the Firmware.

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Download QFlash Tool (All Versions)

If you have a Qualcomm based device, then you can download the QFlash tool for its amazing features. It is available for Windows OS platforms including 32-bit and 64-bit. The tool is available in an executable format which means it is easy to install. The Qflash latest version doesn’t even need to be installed. You can download all versions of QFlash tools from the below links.

After downloading the tool, you can install QFlash directly on your phone and if you downloaded the latest version of QFlash then just run the QFlashTool.exe file. In case if you want an installation guide, then check out the next method.

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How to Install QFlash Tool on Windows

If you have the older version of QFlash tool then you can follow the below process.

  1. Download the required version of QFlash Tool from the above links.
  2. Copy it to your Windows PC.
  3. Extract the QFlash tool zip file on your PC.
  4. Now double click on the QFlashTool vx.x.x.msi file, and it will run the install wizard.
  5. Click Next and select the folder where you want to install QFlash Tool.
    QFlash Tool
  6. Then click on Next > Next, and it will start installing the QFlash Tool on your computer.
    QFlash Tool
  7. After installing click on Finish and use the QFlash tool for flashing Firmware on your Qualcomm device.

So that’s all for the QFlash Tool, Enjoy all of its features. In case if you come across with any error while downloading or installing the tool, then let us know in the comment section.

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