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Download OnePlus Launcher & Install on your Android Pie Device [Rooted]

The OnePlus launcher is one of the best things in Oxygen OS, because of its simplicity and minimal UI. Thanks to the clean interface, which makes the OnePlus launcher similar to the stock Android Pixel launcher. The OnePlus launcher is now available to the Android Pie users, which is compatible with QuickSwitch. And the developers have ported the launcher of Oxygen OS 9.0 builds for all Android Phones running on Pie. So, Here’s the Step by Step guide to Download OnePlus Launcher for Android Pie devices.

The new OnePlus launcher is available for all the devices, running on Android Pie 9.0 [Rooted]. Well, the clean & minimal UI is one of the impressive features of the Oxygen OS and the launcher. All Thanks to paphonb, a senior member of XDA who have modified the app to be installed on other Android Pie phones. So, Here you can Download OnePlus Launcher APK & Install on your Android Pie smartphone.Download OnePlus Launcher for Android Pie

Note: We tried out the launcher on Moto G5 running on Pixel Experience ROM. Make sure to update QuickSwitch to apply the launcher & reboot the device.

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Download OnePlus Launcher APK for Android Pie Phones [Rooted]

All the features of OnePlus launcher are working perfectly for us, whether it’s the gestures or the recent apps UI. And this modified launcher includes the close to stock and Pixel launcher interfaces like hiding apps, OnePlus gestures, recent apps interface, and more. So, You can taste all these features of OnePlus launcher on your Android Pie smartphone by downloading the app:

You can also enable the OnePlus Gestures if your home button works with the swipe up gesture. The launcher also comes with the Oxygen OS recent apps interface. So, Install OnePlus Launcher on your Android Pie. Here are the steps.OnePlus Launcher

How to Install OnePlus Launcher on Android Pie Phone [Rooted]

  1. At first, Open Magisk app and tap on the downloads section.
  2. Under Download Section search QuickSwitch and then install it & Reboot the device.
  3. Now, You need to Download the OnePlus Launcher APK from the above link.
  4. Once downloaded, Install the app on your smartphone.
  5. Then, Head over to the QuickSwitch app and set OnePlus Launcher as your current recent apps provider.
  6. Reboot the device.
  7. Now set the OnePlus Launcher as your default launcher.
  8. That’s it.

So, if your phone is rooted you can simply install the OnePlus launcher and set it as your default launcher with QuickSwitch. But don’t worry, You may root your device with Magisk Manager.

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