[Download] OnePlus 8 Series receives Android 11 Developer Preview 3 based OxygenOS 11

OnePlus officials have been teasing about the OxygenOS 11 for a long time now and we can try it on our OnePlus 8 Series. Yes, the Android 11 based OxygenOS 11 Developer Preview 3 that contains most of the rumored features. Especially the most awaited Always-on Display.

The company is lacking Always on Display whereas other companies already provided this feature a long time ago. But anyway OnePlus phones will finally get the feature and it is already available in the latest developer preview.

Remember that it is not the Android 11 Developer Preview that was released a while ago. It has all the new features including the massive improvement in the UI. The OxygenOS 11 is going to be more like Samsung’s OneUI. So it may be disappointing for users who don’t like the OneUI. But as both OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro are large phones and using OxygenOS with one hand is difficult so this move from OnePlus will be an advantage.

Before we jump on describing the new features on OxygenOS 11 Developer Preview 3, let’s first see the changelog provided by OnePlus.

OxygenOS 11 Android 11 Developer Preview 3 – Changelog

  • New visual design (including Weather app, Launcher, Gallery, Notes)
  • New layout for more comfortable and convenient one-handed operation
  • Always-on display function, including 11 new clock styles
  • Live wallpaper that changes according to the time of day
  • New OnePlus Sans font that improves readability
  • Optimized Dark Mode, including the ability to automatically turn on and off and a shortcut in Quick Settings
  • 3 new Zen Mode themes, more timing options, and new Group feature to let you experience Zen Mode with your friends
  • New Gallery function that automatically creates a weekly story based on your photos and videos

OnePlus 8 OxygenOS 11 (Android 11 Beta 3) Features

You can see the Always-on Display feature listed on the changelog and this is the feature that I am waiting for a long time. And finally, we have the chance to try it on our OnePlus 8 Series before its official public stable release.

Always on Display: As per the OnePlus officials the Always on Display landed in the given time. It is one of the most awaited features that everyone wants on their phones. Thanks to the OnePlus new features submission portal that allows users to put their opinion on which features should be included in the OnePlus update.

The Always on Display will be available in the Ambient display where we can customize the AOD. There are about 11 new clock styles that you can use for the Always on display.

New UI: OnePlus has made a lot of changes in the OxygenOS 11 and it looks more like the OneUI from Samsung. It will be easier for one hand usages.

OnePlus has shifted down contents to the lower 2/3rd of the screen to easily reach all the clickable options. The visual changes are mostly done in the Launcher, Gallery, Notes, and Weather app.

New Live Wallpaper: The latest OxygenOS 11 includes a new live wallpaper feature that will change the wallpaper according to the time of day. It is the new and unique live wallpaper that will add extra shots to your homescreen for a better setup.

OnePlus Sans Font: Android 11 based OxygenOS 11 developer preview 3 comes with a new font for better visibility and readability. It can be used as system wide. If you like to read comics or books then this font will enhance your experience.

Optimized Dark Mode: In the OxygenOS 11, you get to customize the Dark Mode. You can turn on the option to turn on automatic dark mode control. Now you can also toggle the dark mode directly from Quick Settings.

Improved Zen Mode: The OxygenOS 11 developer preview 3 gives new zen mode functions. Now we can use the Zen Mode with our friends. I guess only a few amounts of users use this feature on their phone. But still, improvement is an improvement even though it’s not useful for you.

Weekly Story: Gallery will create weekly stories based on your photos and videos in OxygenOS 11. It will work after at least a week usage so you may not notice in the first few days of usage.

The update is available as a developer preview and the next update will be the open public beta for everyone which we can expect very soon.

Download OxygenOS 11 (Android 11 Beta 3) for OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro

In case if you are interested in trying the OxygenOS 11 Android 11 Developer Preview 3 then you can download the file and easily upgrade to the developer preview 3. If you worry about the issue then you can roll back to the stable version with the same method that you will use to upgrade. Below you will find the download file to upgrade as well as a downgrade.

After downloading the above upgrade file you can easily install it on your phone without any tools. 

OnePlus 8 Pro OxygenOS 11 Beta 3

Copy the file to your phone and open Settings. Then head over to System > System Update. And there click on the Settings icon. Click on Local Upgrade and select the OxygenOS 11 developer preview 3 files. It will install the update on the device.

OnePlus 8 Pro OxygenOS 11 Beta 3

You can also revert back to the stable build in case if it is not suitable as per usage. For this, you need to download the files and then flash it the same as the above given steps.

OnePlus 8: NA | IN | EU

OnePlus 8 Pro: NA | IN | EU

Try out the latest developer preview 3 for OxygenOS 11 update and let us know about your experience. Do you like the changes and new UI? In case if you find any bug then you can always provide your feedback.

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