Download Magisk v20.2 and Magisk Manager v7.5.0 APK (by topjohnwu)

It is exactly two months since the launch of previous Magisk 20.1 and now the Magisk developer Topjohnwu has pushed a major update for Magisk users. The Magisk 20.2 brings many new features and comes with bugs fix. The Magisk Manager also got some updates like it now supports Biometric Prompt like a fingerprint. I genuinely use Magisk to root my phone and if you are also one of the Magisk users then this guide is for you. Here you get to Download Magisk V20.2 and Magisk Manager v7.5.0 APK.

Magisk is the only tool that lets users root their most of the Android phones. It is a complete package of a tool as well as firmware. Some main features of Magisk are it is used to root phones, it supports modules, it provides an option to restrict the use of root and more. All credit goes to the Magisk developer ‘topjohnwu’. If you want to get updates on Magisk them make sure to follow the developer on Twitter.

The new Magisk 20.2 now supports patching dtb/dtbo partition format and also it supports pre-init sepolicy patch in modules. If you are using an older version then you can update to the latest version for additional features. Below we have included the Magisk 20.2 and Magisk Manager 7.5.0 changelog.

Magisk v20.2 – Changelog

  • [MagiskSU] Properly handle communication between daemon and application (root request prompt)
  • [MagiskInit] Fix logging in kmsg
  • [MagiskBoot] Support patching dtb/dtbo partition formats
  • [General] Support pre-init sepolicy patch in modules
  • [Scripts] Update magisk stock image backup format

Magisk Manager v7.5.0 – Changelog

  • Support new MagiskSU communication method (ContentProvider)
  • Fix several issues with hidden stub APK
  • Support using BiometricPrompt (face unlock)

Download Magisk v20.2 Zip

Magisk is the only tool available for easy rooting. It is used for systemless rooting Android phones with unlocked bootloader. Also, it doesn’t affect banking apps, if it does then go to Magisk Manager and remove the banking apps from the root access. You can hide the root access from Magisk Manager for any app to which you don’t want to give root access. Every developer or Magisk users will always suggest to use Magisk if you want to root your phone. The process for installing Magisk could be different for different phones but at last, it will give you root. So if you want to download Magisk and root your phone then download it from the below given link. The credit for the Magisk goes to its developer John Wu.

Magisk v20.2

Magisk v20.1 (Previous version)

Download Magisk Manager v7.5.0 APK

If you have installed the Magisk to root your Android phone, then you need an app to manage the root. Here comes the role of Magisk Manager app which lets you manage everything related to root. With the help of Magisk Manager, you can add various modules. Also, it allows users to select particular apps that can have root access. And this really helps while using banking apps. The latest version of Magisk Manager is now available and you can download from the below link.

Magisk Manager v7.5.0

Magisk Manager v7.4.0 (Previous version)

Important: If Magisk and Magisk Manager are already installed on your phone, then you don’t need to download the latest version from here. You can directly use the Magisk Manager App to directly install both Magisk & Magisk Manager.

How to Install Magisk v20.2 on Android Phone

After downloading the Magisk, you can install it on your phone. It can be done in more than one ways and here we will share a common way to install Magisk and root any Android device. The method I am going to share required a custom recovery like TWRP. Although if you don’t want to install custom recovery then you can follow this method. Check the guide if you want to know how to install Magisk with the patched boot image.


  • Take a full backup of your phone (to restore if anything goes wrong)
  • The bootloader must be unlocked on your phone (search for your device name in YTECHB and you will get the guide)
  • Charge your phone to at least 50%
  • TWRP or any custom recovery should be installed on your phone

Steps to Install Magisk

  1. First, download and then copy the Magisk v20.2 zip file to phone storage.
  2. Normally turn off your phone.
  3. Now boot your phone into TWRP or another Custom Recovery (you can use shortcut buttons).
  4. In TWRP Recovery, click on Install. download magisk 20.2
  5. Browse and locate the Magisk v20.2 zip file, then swipe the slider to flash Magisk. download magisk 20.2
  6. After installing, go back to TWRP home, and now go to Reboot > System.
  7. The phone will now boot into the system with Magisk 20.2 installed in it.

Now you have the phone with root access. You can efficiently use all the Apps that require root access. Also, you can create full system backups, uninstall pre-installed system apps, and more. Now let’s see the way to install the Magisk Manager app.

How to Install Magisk Manager v7.5.0 App

In most cases, the Magisk Manager gets installed when we install the Magisk. But if not, then follow the below process. It is compulsory to install Magisk Manager to manage and access root features.

  1. Copy the Magisk Manager v7.5.0 APK on your phone storage.
  2. Click on the APK, it will ask for permission, so grant it.
  3. Then wait for the installation process.
  4. After installation, open the Magisk Manager App and use it.

So this is the procedure for installing Magisk on any phone and root the phone. Rooting is the process which provides advanced features like access to system file along with its modification authority.

So there you have it the complete guide on download Magisk v20.2 and Magisk Manager v7.5.0. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comment section.

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