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Apple has finally announced the next version of the operating system for iPads, iPadOS 17. The new iPadOS version will be available to eligible iPads later this year. However, the first developer beta is already available, giving users an opportunity to explore what’s in iPadOS 17. One exciting aspect of this release is the availability of new wallpapers. You can download iPadOS 17 wallpapers in high quality.

On June 5th, Apple announced iPadOS 17 at the WWDC event, along with other exciting announcements such as iOS 17, macOS Sonoma, new Macs, Vision Pro, and more products. While all the announcements were significant, iPadOS 17 stands out with its big features and improvements, making it one of the most substantial updates for iPadOS.

iPadOS 17 introduces the personalized lock screen feature that couldn’t be included in iPadOS 16 due to some issues. Now, with iPadOS 17, users can enjoy the customized lock screen experience on their iPads, which is particularly exciting on the larger screen.

The new operating system not only offers lock screen customization but also brings additional features such as Motion effects for Live Photo wallpaper, live activities on the lock screen, interactive widgets, and more. These enhancements enhance the overall user experience and make the iPadOS 17 update even more enticing.

iPadOS 17 will be available for iPad Pro (2nd generation and later), iPad Air (3rd generation and later), iPad (6th generation and later), iPad mini (5th generation and later). If you have these iPads, you can enjoy the iPadOS 17 early beta using this guide. You can however download its wallpapers on any device.

iPadOS 17 Wallpapers

Recently, we shared wallpapers from iOS 17 that you can find here. Now, it’s time for iPadOS 17 wallpapers. The design of the iPadOS 17 wallpaper draws inspiration from last year’s iPadOS 16 wallpapers but with a unique and equally captivating twist. As usual, the collection doesn’t include many wallpapers. In fact, there is only one wallpaper available in two different variants: light and dark. You can preview the wallpapers below.

Note: Below are the preview images of the wallpapers and just for the representation. Preview is not in the original quality so don’t download from images. Use the download link given in the download section below.

iPadOS 17 Wallpapers Preview

Download iPadOS 17 Wallpapers

It’s always recommended to try wallpapers from Apple, as the company is well-known for designing high-quality wallpapers. The same can be said for the iPadOS 17 Wallpapers. In total, there are two wallpapers included in the iPadOS 17 Wallpapers collection. Both wallpapers are available in a resolution of 2425 x 2363 pixels. You can download the iPadOS 17 Wallpapers from Google Drive, Telegram, and the PhoneWalls app.

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