Download Google Camera 8.4 for Vivo T1 5G

Recently, Vivo announced a new mid-range smartphone in India. Yes, I am talking about the Vivo T1 5G smartphone. The latest mid-ranger houses a 50MP camera trio on its back panel, which is obviously one of the major highlights of the company’s new T-series smartphone. In terms of software, the phone has Vivo’s default stock camera app, but if you’re looking for a powerful alternative then you can use the Pixel 6 camera app (aka GCam mod) on your phone. Here you can Download Google Camera for Vivo T1 5G.

Google Camera for Vivo T1 5G [Best GCam 8.4]

The tiple-lens camera setup on Vivo T1 5G has a 50MP, a 2MP macro camera, along with a 2MP depth sensor. It uses 4-in-1 pixel binning tech to store high-resolution images, thanks to the default camera app’s dedicated 50MP aka Pro mode. Not only this, but the stock camera app also has a big list of useful features. But if you want to do low-light photography, then you can use the Pixel 6’s camera app aka GCam port on your Vivo T1 5G smartphone.

Developers have ported the feature-packed Pixel 6 camera app for other Android phones. Yes, you can sideload the GCam port on your Android smartphone, after doing some research we found a couple of GCam ports compatible with the Vivo T1 5G. The app has many useful features such as Night Sight photography, low-light Astrophotography, HDR+ Enhanced mode, Slo-mo video, Beauty Mode, Lens Blur, RAW support, and more with GCam 8.4 port. Now let’s take a look on how you can download and install Google Camera on Vivo T1 5G.

Download Google Camera for Vivo T1 5G

Vivo T1 5G is one of the select mid-range phones from Vivo which has Camera2 API support out-of-the-box. It means you can install the Google Camera app on your smartphone. As I said earlier, we found a couple of GCam ports which are working with the Vivo T1 5G. Below we attach two GCam mods ported by BSG – GCam 8.3 and GCam 8.4, both are compatible with Vivo T1 5G smartphone. Here are the download links.

Before starting using the app, I suggest you to make some changes to the settings in GCam.

For MGC_8.3.252_V0e_MGC.apk

  1. Open the app, then swipe down to open Settings, tap More Settings > Allow access to manage files.
  2. Now open settings > Advanced > enable HDR+ control, Auto Night Sight.
  3. Once done, open the Google Camera app, then swipe down to open Settings, now turn on HDR+ enhanced mode.
  4. That’s it.


Best GCam for vivo t1

You can make more changes to the Settings as per your needs. For MGC_8.4.400_A10_V3_MGC.apk there’s no need to configure many settings.

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