Download Good Lock APK 2019 with Samsung One UI Support

The latest version of Good Lock App is now available which now supports Samsung One UI & Android Pie. One UI is the new UI for Samsung phones which soon will be covered on all the Samsung phones. So if you are using One UI based Android Pie then download Good Lock APK 2019 from here and use it for amazing customizations.

download good lock apk 2019

Earlier the Good Lock App was available and compatible for Samsung Experience UI, but the older version doesn’t work properly with Samsung One UI. So the App just updated and now it supports Samsung One UI perfectly. Samsung One UI already has the themes section to customize the phone but if you want to customize each section manually then Good Lock is the best App. If you are not aware of Good Lock App then read the below section to know about the App.

Update: The new April’s update of Good Lock App is now available with various bug fixes. The below download link is also updated for the latest Good Lock APK.

What is Good Lock App?

Good Lock App is an App for Samsung phones used for customizing different section of the System Interface. Good Lock App has options to customize the phones just like rooted phones. With Good Lock App Samsung users can customize Navigation Bar, Lock Screen, Recent Apps screen, Notification Panel, Clock Face and more. So I hope that this gives you an idea about Good Lock App. So if you like to customize your Samsung Phone with One UI the download the Good Lock APK from the download section.

good lock apk 2019

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Latest April update of Good Lock App brings many new features including various bug fixes. Here are the changelogs of the latest Good Lock App v1.0.00.48.

Good Lock App (April 2019) – Update Logs


  • The status bar overlapping with the front camera – Fixed
  • The phenomenon that the application is getting closed, when it can not get system wallpaper – Fixed
  • The stuck with “clock loading…” progress while style creation screen – Fixed
  • The display of the clock, notifications icon, etc. during the quick panel expanded – Fixed
  • The hidden battery icons partially – Fixed
  • The hidden app shortcut icons partially – Fixed
  • Apply fixed style in case of landscape mode


  • Added connected Bluetooth icon invisible feature
  • Fixed bug of NFC icon invisible feature
  • App UI enhancements for various device models
  • Improved visibility of tile detail view (Different schedules by device models)

Task Changer

  • Added “Open in split screen” function menu
  • Recent application button adds split screen function when long click (for Android Oreo)
  • QuickScrub function added (for Android Pie)
  • Improved the ability to swipe and delete apps continuously (like iPhone)
  • Fix problem that security folder & dual messenger can not see (in Android Oreo)
  • Fixed an intermittent stopping animation after app deletion
  • Fixed other bugs


  • Fixed a bug that the center area would not be clicked when the button was aligned to the right/left
  • Navigation bar fixed a bug that did not appear when adding a button


  • Notifications customizing for those who prefer the iPhone like notifications styling.
  • NotiStar will available around 15th April (Korea)

Download Good Lock APK (2019)

Latest Good Lock APK has version which is the official app from Samsung Electronics. You can download the Good Lock App directly from the Galaxy App Store on your phone. First open Galaxy App store and search Good Lock and download the App. Or you can also use the below link to download Good Lock Apk and install on your phone running on One UI.

Note: This App will only work on Samsung Phones like Samsung S10, Samsung Note 9, Samsung S9, Samsung S8, Samsung Note 8 and all other samsung devices.

After downloading the Good Lock Apk, open it and click on Install. Now open the App and you are ready to use it. Open the App and customize your phone according to your choice. Below we have listed all the Good Lock features that are available on the new update.

Good Lock Features

Good Lock is an amazing App for Samsung phones which is especially used for customizing the phone without root. Here are some features of the App.

good lock apk 2019

Quick Panel Star

In this feature, You can change the look of the notification panel. You can alter between different colors and you can also control its transparency. Along with these, you can also change the icon color for On/Off toggle. It also let us change the position of the clock in the notification panel. You can also hide, show, shift indicator on the status bar.

Lock Star

It allows you to create custom lock screens as you want. You will have full control over your phone’s lock screen either it is clock position/style or the App position. We can also change the way of unlocking from lock screen such as swipe up, swipe left, swipe right, swipe down. In the App, there are hundreds of clock style that you can choose and put on the lock screen. You can also change the position of anything that is in Lock Screen like music player widget, clock etc.

Task Changer

From this feature, you have full control to change the look of the recent app screen. By default, Samsung One UI has cards like recent App screen and from here you can choose between Grid, List, Stack, and Carousel. It also has a mini mode option which reduces the size of all the opened windows. Scroll effects like linear, cube in, cube out, scale, rotation up and rotation down options are available. So you can set the effect as you like. This is one of the best features of Samsung Good Lock App I like.

Clock Face

By using this feature you can pick any clock style you like. The clock face can be changed in both Lock Screen and Always on Display Screen. Numbers of clock styles are available with amazing effects such as clock inside bicycle, clock in speedometer and many more. All these amazing clock style look nice on Always on display and lock screen. This new update of Samsung Good Lock App contains many new clock designs that you should try.

Nav Star

With this feature, you can completely change the look on Navigation buttons and Navigation bar. Lots of navigations buttons with different styles are available which you can select as you like. It also has options to add Navigation buttons more than 3 but up to 5 buttons. So you can add screenshot, camera or any other button with back, home, and recent app buttons.

Multi Star

Multi-Screen (Split screen) option is already available in a lot of phones where users can use two apps on a single screen. But when we use an app from the two the other one pauses. But with this feature on Good Lock app, we can use both the app without pausing any app. Like you can text someone while watching the youtube videos all together. It also has another amazing feature called pop-up view where we can reduce the size of App screen and use it anywhere on the screen.

good lock apk 2019

There is plenty of more feature included in the Family tab such as Nice catch, One Hand mode, Edge lightning, Edge Touch, and Sound Assistant. All these features are available one single App (Good Lock App).

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It’s good to have a customizable App from Samsung itself which supports all the Samsung phones. And it also keeps away users from rooting their phones. In any other company smartphones, to get all these features we have to root the phone first. So overall Samsung did a pretty good job on providing Good Lock App which now also support One UI.

So there you have it the download link of Good Lock Apk 2019 with its amazing features. If you any queries regarding the Good Lock App then comment down below. We reply with answers or solution to your queries.

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