Download ‘Flow’ Wallpapers for Apple Devices from Basic Apple Guy

It has been a while since we last shared custom-designed wallpapers for Apple devices, but now we are excited to present a new collection of wallpapers generated by AI. The main source of these wallpapers is Basic Apple Guy, who has aptly titled this collection ‘Flow’.

Wallpapers play an important role in enhancing the visual appeal of a device’s display. By selecting different wallpapers, you can effectively set the mood and ambiance of your device’s environment. A well-designed wallpaper can infuse energy into your workspace, contributing to improved productivity. Yes the wallpaper should be designed to ensure that it enhances the device’s aesthetics, creating a visually pleasing and inviting atmosphere.

The Flow wallpapers collection from Basic Apple Guy first featured in his wire free desk setup. And in photos it is clearly visible that wire free setup combined with cool wallpaper is just amazing.

The source mentioned that these wallpapers are AI-generated, specifically by Midjourney. Furthermore, the source has optimized the wallpaper for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Although these wallpapers are tailored for Apple devices, they can also be used on other devices if desired.

The utilization of gradient colors in the spiral-like wallpaper design adds to the appeal of the wallpapers across various resolutions. Moreover, the customized wallpapers boast a diverse range of gradient colors, ensuring that the Flow wallpaper collection maintains its visual excellence on all types of devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Here is the resolution and format of the Flow Wallpapers collection:

  • iPhone – JPG | 546KB | 1290 × 2796 (Download)
  • iPad – PNG | 9.06MB | 2732 × 2732 (Download)
  • Mac – HEIC | 11.7MB | 6016 × 3889 (Download)

Since these are the AI generated wallpapers and later stretched using software for different resolution, you may not find them crisp as the original wallpapers, but they still are good without any noticeable quality change.

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