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Download Android Q Stock Wallpapers (Official Walls) [FHD+]

Android Q is the next version of Android after Android 9 Pie. And it is already started rolling on Pixel Phones as the first developers preview build. It comes with a lot of goodies including new stock wallpapers collection. Here you can download Android Q Wallpapers in 1080 X 1920 pixels resolution [FHD+]. Before downloading the wallpapers, see what’s new in the Android Q (Features).Android Q Wallpapers

Android Q Features

Android Q comes with a lot of features even in the early build and in the final build of Android Q we get many more features. List only contains the features that are available in the first build.

Desktop Mode

Desktop Mode is now available on Android Q, it lets users control their Smartphone screen on another screen such as desktops. This feature is hidden by default and to use it we have to first enable developer options. And further, in developer options, we can enable this feature.

New Privacy Settings

In Android Q Privacy settings have its own section in Settings. It will restrict various Apps from using Camera, Location and many other critical services. If an App requires the service it will first ask for your permission. Also when any App uses camera app it will show in notification settings.

New Notification Controls

Notification UI along with Status Bar also changes in Android Q. In Android Pie, we are able to dismiss any notification while swiping either left or right. But in Android Q on swiping right, it will dismiss the notification and on swiping left it will show notification option. Also on long pressing on notification, it shows three different option to mute, block and receives notifications.

Theming Option

Theming option is included in Android Q for UI customization. This is also a hidden feature and can be enabled from developer options. In this, we can change Accent color, headline/body font, and Icon shape. Enable Dark Mode on your Android Now!

New Wallpapers

Android Q comes with a collection of new stock wallpapers that looks cool. These wallpapers look amazing on any phone featuring HD screen. Some of them are similar to the Android Pie Wallpapers. So if you are interested in trying new Android Q wallpapers then follow the download section.

There are many more features included in Android Q which makes it better than Android Pie. Battery performance is also increased which will definitely help users using smartphones with lower battery power.

Last Updated on 13/05/2019 18:40 PM @ IST: Added Android Q Developer Beta Preview 2 & 3 wallpapers in the collection of stock wallpapers. Now it has a total of 20 wallpapers.

Android Q Wallpapers

Android 10 Q comes with a total of 20 new FHD stock wallpapers. All the wallpapers are differentiated as their colors and category. These wallpapers are also customized for notch and so we can use it on notch phones like Pixel 3 XL without losing attraction point of the wallpaper. All these Android Q wallpapers also look cool on home screen setup using nova launcher themes and other themes. It is available in 1080 X 1920 pixels resolution, so don’t worry about the quality. Below we have provided the preview of Android Q wallpapers to provide a hint of the wallpapers.

Android Q Stock Wallpapers – Preview

Note: This is a preview of wallpapers and just for the representation. Preview is not in the original quality so don’t download from images. Use the download link given in the download section below.

Download Android Q Wallpapers

So now you have seen the preview of Android Q Stock wallpapers, and if you are interested in using these wallpapers on your home screen then you can download Android Q wallpapers in this section. Some wallpapers help you in hiding your phone’s notch. Below is the Google Drive & Google Photos download link, which contains all the Android Q stock wallpapers in a zip file.

Download Android Q Stock Wallpapers (Google Photos)

Download Android Q Stock Wallpapers (Google Drive)

After downloading, simply open the Files app or any other file manager app, go to the downloads folder and choose your favorite wallpaper to set on your home screen or the lock screen. That’s it for the Android Q Wallpapers.

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