Download Android 10 Launcher APK for All Android Devices

Google recently took off the mask from official Android 10 which does not have any name based on Dessert. The new Android 10 (Stable) is already rolling out to Redmi K20 Pro, OnePlus 7 Pro, Essential Phone and of course the Pixel series. Android 10 comes with a new launcher which is slightly different than the Android 9 Pie Launcher. Here we will share the latest Android 10 Launcher APK for all Android phones.

There are a bunch of newly added features in Android 10 which will simplify the use of Android phone. Google has always given priority to UI and design of the Android OS which enhances the user experience. And Android 10 is no exception it also comes with UI which is smooth and easy to control. Android 10 Launcher is also part of UI and improves the look & experience. We managed to find the latest Android 10 Launcher as the Rootless Pixel Launcher 10. You must have heard about the Rootless Pixel Launcher if you play with different launchers.

Pixel Launcher APK (OLD):

Download Android 10 Launcher APK

The launcher is like a Front end which shows the design of the phone through the display. If you have a phone with AMOLED display but the launcher is not good then your phone screen may not look good. So using a good Launcher is the top priority. Some of the small parts such as Wallpaper, Icon Pack, Widgets plays an important role in the look of any phone. So with this Android 10 Launcher, you can set everything and make your device attractive. Follow the below download link to get the Android 10 Launcher (Rootless Pixel Launcher 10) on your phone.

The Rootless Pixel Launcher 10 is around 4MB in size which you can download from the above link. This launcher is a modded version of Stock Launcher from Android 10, but there can be differences in features. The Android 10 Launcher is also known as Rootless Pixel Launcher 10 so if you come across these name then you should consider both as same.

If you have a phone like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, etc. and want to experience the stock UI then the Android 10 Launcher is the best choice. This will help you to minimize the home screen and speed up the performance. And on top of all, it will provide a neat and clean UI on your phone. We have tried the Android 10 Launcher App on a few phones and it is working great without any errors. Below we have attached the screenshot of the latest Rootless Pixel Launcher 10.

Android 10 Launcher (Rootless Pixel Launcher 10) – Preview

Recognized Features of Android 10 Launcher

  • Swipe down Gesture to Pull Notification Bar (and more gestures)
  • Pixel Bridge support
  • Colored Google Assistant icon in the Search bar
  • Icon Pack support
  • Notch Supported
  • Adaptive Icons sport with Android Oreo
  • Fixed Bugs

We have also mentioned the guide to install the latest Android 10 Launcher APK on any Android phone. So if you don’t know the installation process follow the below guide.

How to Install Android 10 Launcher APK

  1. Download the Android 10 Launcher APK (Rootless Pixel Launcher 10) from the link, available at the top.
  2. After downloading, Install the launcher on your phone.
  3. Tap on the APK that you downloaded, and wait for the installation.Pixel Launcher 3.6
  4. After seeing the message ‘App installed’, tap on Done.
  5. Now, Press the home button and set the Android 10 Launcher as your default launcher.
  6. That’s all.

If, you can’t set it as default launcher through homepage, then go to the device, Settings > Apps > Tap on three-dot menu > Default Apps > Home > select Android 10 Launcher as your default launcher.

Well, these are the steps by which you can taste the real Android 10 on your smartphone, whether it’s Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Lava, Micromax, Honor, Asus, etc.

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