Download and Install Nothing Launcher on any Android Phone

Launchers, Play Store has a lot of launchers. And if we try one launcher every day it will take months to test them all. But not all of them are good, only a handful of launchers are popular like Nova, Lawnchair. The Nothing brand has just released an official launcher for the Taste of their upcoming Nothing Phone 1. You can also download Nothing Launcher for your phone here along with the installation guide. And there are tips at the end.

Launcher is an easy way to customize a phone or enjoy the taste of other phones. Each brand comes with a unique UI and Launcher. With Launcher you can make your homescreen and app drawer look like your favorite phone you don’t have for some reason.

Nothing Launcher
Nothing Launcher

Nothing company has recently announced its upcoming Nothing Phone 1. And from the images, we can see a new look and wallpaper that looks cool. The recently released Nothing Launcher 1.0.0 brings a similar look and similar wallpapers to Android phones. The launcher comes with some unique features like enlarge app icons and folders on the homescreen.

Download Nothing Launcher

A few weeks back when the company announced its first upcoming phone, the Nothing Phone 1, the first new thing we noticed was the dotted clock widget. Well, if you want to get hands-on with something similar, Nothing Launcher brings it to Android phones. Yes, in Nothing Launcher we get the dotted clock widget as well as the dotted weather widget.

I found three new things in the Nothing launcher compared to other launchers, the Nothing Clock & Weather widget, wallpapers, and the option to enlarge app icons/folders. If you want to try Nothing Launcher on your phone, you can use the download link given below.

The company has published the launcher officially on the Play Store as beta access. But if you can’t find it on the Play Store you can also download the Nothing Launcher apk file from a trusted source like apkmirror.

Nothing Launcher

How to Install Nothing Launcher on any Android Phone

If you have installed the Nothing Launcher beta from Play Store then you can skip to step 5. And if you have an apk file then follow from step 1.

Step 1: Open File Manager on your Phone.

Step 2: Locate the downloaded Nothing Launcher apk file.

Step 3: Tap on the apk file and if it asks for permission, give permission to the File Manager to install apps from unknown sources.

Step 4: Now tap on the Install button and wait for installation.

Step 5: After installing the launcher, open Settings on your phone.

Step 6: Search for the Default apps in Settings and open it.

Nothing Launcher

Step 7: In Default apps, you will find the Home/Launcher option. Click on it.

Nothing Launcher

Step 8: Select Nothing Launcher and go to homescreen and you will find a new Nothing Launcher setup.

So that’s it, now you can apply widgets and set the look as you prefer.


  • To edit or resize the widget, press and hold for a second and leave it. It will now show the box that you can use to increase or decrease the size of any Widget.
  • To enlarge any app icon or folder, long tap on it and it will show enlarge icon on top. Click on it and it will enlarge the app icon/folder. Follow the same to bring the app icon to normal.
  • Press and hold on an empty screen in Homescreen and select Wallpaper & Style. Choose Select a new wallpaper to change wallpaper. This function is currently not working. But we can expect the fix in the next update.

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