Does Walgreens accept payments over Apple Pay?

The short answer to this question is, Yes, Walgreens takes Apple Pay. Here's how you can Apple Pay at Walgreens online and offline stores.

With the holiday season just around the corner, everyone is out and about running to various shopping stores to buy themselves new things as well as gifts for their near and dear ones. Because of this holiday season, everyone seems to be in a rush and it only gets worse when you are at the checkout counter. Not everybody wants to pay with cash. Some prefer payment methods such as debit or credit cards and some even contactless payment options.

Since the iPhone is one of the most popular cell phones out there, people prefer to make use of Apple Pay to pay for everything and everything simply because it’s safe and easy to use. Plus, it’s available on your phone at all times even if you don’t carry around a wallet. While Walgreens is a very popular store, a lot of people have only one question in mind, Does Walgreens take Apple Pay? To find the answer to that question, you can read on.

Does Walgreens Accept Apple Pay?

The short answer to this question is, Yes, Walgreens actually accepts Apple Pay on their website as well as their brick-and-mortar stores. The reason why they accept Apple Pay is simply that Walgreens doesn’t have its own wallet. So yes, you can easily shop at Walgreens using Apple Pay and not worry about anything. And the best part of using Apple Pay at Walgreens is, you get 3% cashback on every transaction.

If you are someone new to Apple Pay and want to know how to set up Apple Pay, you can follow these steps.

How to Setup Apple Pay on your iPhone

With Apple Pay, you can pay for a lot of services including Apple Music, and iCloud+, purchase apps and subscriptions from the App Store as well as use it to pay for things in-store. Here is how you can enable Apple Pay on your iPhone.

does walgreens take apple pay
  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Now, tap on your name at the top.
  3. Select media and Purchases followed by View Account.
  4. The iPhone will ask you to sign in with your Apple ID.
  5. Once signed in, tap on Manage Payments.
  6. Finally, tap on Add Payment method.
  7. Enter your Bank Details over here and tap on Done.
  8. You have now added your bank account to Apple Pay which can be used at Walgreens stores and the website.

And this is how you can enable Apple Pay on your iPhone and use it to make payments wherever Apple Pay is accepted.

How to use Apple Pay on the Walgreens App

If you are someone that prefers to do their Walgreens shopping at home via the app on your iPhone, you can use Apple Pay to pay for your shopping. Here’s how.

does walgreens take apple pay
  1. Launch the Walgreens shopping app. Ensure that it is up to date.
  2. Search for all the products that you want to buy in the cart.
  3. At the checkout section, tap on the button that says Buy with Apple pay.
  4. To confirm your purchase, you will have to press the side button on your iPhone twice.
  5. And that is it! The payment for your shopping has been completed by using Apple Pay on the Walgreens shopping app.

How to use Apple Pay at the Walgreens Store

Now, if you are someone shopping at the brick-and-mortar store of Walgreens, you can follow these steps to pay for the shopping using Apple Pay.

does walgreens take apple pay
  1. Launch the wallet app on your iPhone and press the side button on your device twice.
  2. You can now either choose your default card or select any other card that you have added to Apple Pay to make the purchase.
  3. Alternatively, you can simply place your iPhone over the contactless payments reader to make the payment.
  4. Once the payment has been done, the Wallet app will display Done – indicating that payment has been successfully completed.


This concludes the guide on how to use Apple Pay for shopping at the Walgreens Store and the Walgreens website. So yes, Walgreens does accept Apple Pay for all your shopping needs. If you have questions or queries, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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