Does The Galaxy S24 Lineup Have Support For MagSafe?

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 lineup is already available for pre-ordering, with official sales starting toward the 31st of January, 2024. In this scenario, everyone out there is looking for good magnetic cases to protect their newly purchased smartphone.

If you wanted to know about where the S24 lineup supports various magnetic cases and tech, then you have come to the right place.  

Does Samsung’s S24 Lineup Support MagSafe Cases and Accessories?

The S24 trios have support for wireless charging, you can also place your bets on magnetic cases and accessories working just fine with the Galaxy S24 lineup. While all good, you can also make use of MagSafe wireless chargers, Now that might sound great if you already have several MagSafe accessories beforehand. But you might want to hold on from using these MagSafe cases and accessories.

Why Avoid Using MagSafe Cases and Accessories With Your Galaxy S24?

You can use the MagSafe cases and other accessories just fine on your Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus models. However, when it comes to the giant i.e., the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it would be best to avoid it. You see, people who have already got their hands on the Galaxy S24 Ultra have reported that the S pen does not work perfectly when any MagSafe accessories are connected to the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Popular YouTuber, M Brandon Lee from the YouTube Channel – This Is Tech Today has tweeted about the S Pen functionality breaking when using MagSafe and Qi2 accessories on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

So, Whose Fault Is it?

Nobody’s fault at all. It just depends on the strength of the magnets being used with the cases and accessories. So, it is neither Samsung nor the case and accessories manufacturers who can be blamed for the S pen functionality being broken.

The best you can do is hold on to buying third-party cases for now. Case manufacturers will probably be looking into this issue and will hopefully come out with cases that are perfect and do not cause issues with the S pen functionality. Also, some magnetic cases have no issues with the S Pen functionality.

What Case Should I Get?

If your favorite third-party case seems to be having issues with the S Pen functionality, it would be advisable to get yourself a case from Samsung itself.

Does The Galaxy S24 Lineup Have Support For MagSafe
Image from Samsung Shop

The Samsung Shop online has a good number of cases that are available for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. You can use those for the time being and then go ahead to get yourself a magnetic case from your favorite case manufacturer.

Before getting a case for your S24 Ultra, make sure to try and test the case out at electronic stores or shops where they sell cases for your Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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