Does Samsung Galaxy S24 have SD Card Slot?

The newest member of the Galaxy family, the Galaxy S24 is now official. Samsung launches Galaxy S24 series at the big Unpacked event. As always there will be a lot of questions for users who are thinking about purchasing the new Galaxy S24. One of those questions is whether Galaxy S24 have SD card slot or not. We will answer this here.

Nowadays, most flagship phones come in multiple storage options and even go up to 1TB. So storage options are not a problem. But higher storage variants cost a lot and reaching that budget may be a problem for many users. And in that case SD card is the cheapest option to upgrade the storage.

In recent years, there has been a trend among companies to omit the SD card slot from their phones. Consequently, many users have a common question whenever a new phone is released.

The SD card slot is very useful as it expands the storage of the phone. And storage is very important because now files require more space. For example high quality photos, videos and music weigh more compared to a few years back. Depending on the usage, the minimum storage variant required may differ for different users. For a normal user with low media exposure, 128GB may be enough. But those who regularly click photos and record videos will need 512GB.

Does Galaxy S24 Come With SD Card Slot

No, the Galaxy S24 series does not come with an SD card slot. The previous Galaxy S23 series also did not include an SD card slot. Therefore, it was already expected that the Galaxy S24 series will not include an SD card slot.

There are a few reasons why companies are removing SD card slots. One of the main reasons is that the space required makes the device thicker but the trend is towards thinner phones.

If an SD Card slot is not available, there are still alternative ways to expand your storage after purchasing the device. However, these solutions may require you to carry external devices with you.

SD Card Alternatives on Galaxy S24

External Drive: Nowadays many users have an compact external SSD. And Samsung Galaxy phones support these SSDs, so whenever you need to store a large file, you can connect your SSD and move the large file to it. And when you need to access the file, you can connect the drive back.

SD Card Reader: If you have an SD card but you can’t use it because the SD card slot is missing, you can still use it as an external device with the help of an SD card reader. There are many types of SD card readers available. Simply connect the card reader to your phone and you can access your SD card contents.

Cloud Storage: If you have an unlimited internet data or enough data, you can always opt for a good cloud storage service. Accessing One Drive is quite easy in Galaxy phones but you can also use Google Cloud and other known services.

So if you have storage problem in your phone then these are the solutions. Sometimes these options can get tiresome, and so buy the version with higher storage if you have the budget. Alternatively, you can regularly clear space from your phone to keep storage under control.

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