Does the Samsung Galaxy S24 Lineup Come with Curved Displays?

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 lineup has just been revealed. The new devices are available for pre-order and will soon be available in-store for you to check them out. Curved displays have always been present on several Galaxy devices.

So does Samsung continue the trend of the curved edge display on the new S24 lineup? Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Lineup – Are Curved Screens Back?

With the S24 lineup, Samsung has forever gotten rid off curved screen displays. Yes, curved screen displays have a cool wow factor. The last time we saw a curved screen device from Samsung was on the Galaxy S23 Ultra from 2023. This year, Samsung has pulled away from the curved screen displays and has gone back to the flat corner-to-corner screen. 

Yes, even the mighty Galaxy S24 Ultra now comes with a good-to-use and more practical flat screen. The benefit of the flat screen is that you can easily add a screen guard or tempered glass without having to look for a special curved protector for your Galaxy S24 Ultra. Also, it makes more sense to have a flat display when using the Galaxy S Pen that comes with the Galaxy S24 Ultra. 

What About The Galaxy S24 and S24+?

With the previous S-series devices, the curved screen would be one of the biggest features of those devices. However, Samsung has realized that having the curved screens on the base and middle variant of the S24 lineup would not make sense and has continued to stick with the full flat screen display.

Flat screens are better for protection as well as practicality. Plus you do not have to worry about miss touches that could occur when the palm of your hand rests on the edge of the device when you hold it.

Yes, we do see a lot of smartphones from various brands coming out with curved screen displays. While Samsung has decided that curved screen displays can now be laid to rest, this could become a trend and soon smartphones from other brands might also just stick to the old-school flat screen style.

We’ll have to wait and see what other brands do about it for new devices released later this year and in the coming years.

Closing Thoughts

So, what do you think about Samsung ditching the curved screen display and going all out on the flat screen display for the S24 lineup? Are curved-screened displays still your thing or do you simply prefer a flat-screen display because of all the benefits that it has? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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