Does iPhone 15 have SIM Card Tray?

Apple just announced its new iPhone 15 lineup with many upgrades. While it is definitely good to see a few improvements and changes with the new iPhone 15 series that should have been done a long time ago. However, there has been one question that a lot of people have been looking for answers to. Does the iPhone 15 have a physical SIM slot or not?

When purchasing a device, users consider various factors as even minor changes can impact their experience. The presence of a physical SIM card slot is a key consideration; it may not matter to some but is crucial to others. We’ll discuss about iPhone 15 Physical SIM Slot availability.

Since the iPhone 14 launch that took place last year, all those models came with eSIM only. These eSIM-only models were however only sold in the United States. For other regions, you could use an eSIM as well as a physical nano SIM.

So, what happens to the iPhone 15 lineup? Is it going to be eSIM only for all regions? This is a question I asked myself since, during the presentation, none of the iPhone models that were shown off in their videos had a SIM slot, and neither did they make a mention of the device coming with eSIM. So, what’s the real story? It’s time to find out.

Does the iPhone 15 have a SIM Card Slot?

When you look at the tech specs for any of the iPhone 15 variants, at least on the US version of the website, there is no mention of any physical nano SIM. Well, it’s a repeat of the iPhone 14 scenario with the US models of the iPhone 15 will be sold as eSIM variants only. So in the United States, No iPhone 15 does not have SIM Card Tray.

Does iPhone 15 have SIM Card Tray

However, the United States’s neighbor, Canada will be getting iPhones with physical as well as eSIM support. So, if you are someone in the US who wants the physical SIM variant, a trip to Canada would be your best bet. Outside the United States, Yes, iPhone 15 does have a SIM Card Tray.

iPhone 15 Physical SIM Support on International Models?

Thankfully, in every country around the world, except for China, the iPhone 15 lineup will be sold with a physical SIM. However, if you want you can also make use of the eSIM option. So it’s good to see that international users have a choice instead of sticking to the eSIM-only variant. So yes, the iPhone in international markets will have a physical SIM slot.

For some reason, Apple has not been able to bring their eSIM tech to China and that is definitely a very good thing. They all have physical SIM slots. Not one, but two physical SIM slots. Yes, every variant of the iPhone in China comes with two physical SIM slots, including the Pro variants of the iPhone 15.

It’s only time until we see what happens to the iPhone 16 as well as whether the physical SIM card support lives on or simply erupts into flames. We hope other manufacturers continue to go with the physical SIM slot as well as give users the eSIM option since having a physical SIM slot is beneficial for those who travel regularly to different regions and would like to hot-swap between networks without wasting any time.

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