Does Google Pixel 8a support microSD Card?

Pixel 8a, the new affordable Google phone was recently launched without an event. And with its launch, the Pixel 7a is no longer the latest affordable Pixel. With companies increasingly launching phones without SD card slots, one might doubt whether the new device support SD Card or not. Here we will discuss whether Pixel 8a have microSD Card Slot or not.

Storage is an important factor of the device which is not only responsible for keeping files but also affects performance. So it’s important to have enough empty space on the phone. Seeing how almost every file format now requires more storage, even 128GB is not enough for many users. Although many phones now come with at least 128GB you may find yourself in a situation where your phone has run out of storage.

In such a situation, an additional SD Card can come to the rescue by adding more storage to the device. But nowadays many phones do not come with an SD card slot.

Does Pixel 8a have a microSD Card Slot?

No, the Google Pixel 8a does not have a microSD Card Slot. The phone only comes in two storage variants, 128GB and 256GB. This isn’t surprising since no Pixel phone has an SD Card slot, including the first generation of Pixel phones. And the same will be the case with future Pixel phones.

Google has not included an SD Card slot in any Pixel phones. One main reason I can think of is because the SD Card slot requires space which makes the device thicker. Another reason could be that Google maintain the minimum storage requirement as per the market popularity which is enough for regular usage, plus the company have to sell its cloud storage.

So What Are Other Storage Options Now?

Although the Pixel 8a doesn’t come with a micro SD Card slot, there are some other options to get additional storage. You will find both cheap and expensive options.

External SSD or Drive: If you have a USB-supported Pen Drive, HDD, or SDD, you can connect them to your Pixel 8a for more storage. It’s practically impossible to use them all the time. So to tackle this, keep the files you access regularly on your phone and the files you don’t need regularly on external storage.

Cloud Storage: This is the most commonly used method. If you own a Pixel phone, you already get some of the benefits of cloud storage through Google Drive or Google One Subscription. You can buy additional storage from trusted platforms like Google Drive, One Drive, etc. However to use the cloud storage you will need Internet data.

Use SD Card Reader: If you already own a Micro SD Card, then you can use a Type C SD Card Reader to access your SD Card storage.

You can get additional storage from the above options depending on your requirements. I advise you to choose the next higher storage variant if your pocket allows. For example, if your usage is above 100GB but less than 128GB, choose the 256GB option and skip 128GB. This way you never have to worry about running out of storage.

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