Does Apple Vision Pro support 120Hz Refresh Rate?

Apple’s brand new VR headset is now available as the Vision Pro. Apple has done an amazing job considering that this is their first attempt at a VR headset. This is a $3500 headset which is quite a high price. After paying $3500, one would want top-class specifications. Nowadays, high refresh rate is quite important, so many users will have a common question, does Vision Pro support 120Hz refresh rate? We will answer this here.

Higher refresh rate means higher frames which is responsible for smooth graphic transitions which enhances the user experience while performing tasks like scrolling, playing games, watching content at higher frames and many more.

Does Vision Pro come with 120Hz Support?

No, Apple Vision does not support 120Hz refresh rate. But it support higher refresh rate up to 100Hz. Most content in the Vision Pro runs at 90Hz, but it can also switch to 96Hz and 100Hz if needed.

100Hz is a high refresh rate and feels almost the same as 120Hz. This is because we will not notice any visible difference when seen with the naked eye.

Vision Pro Refresh Rate

There’s one more thing you need to know about the refresh rate in Vision Pro. This is because the higher refresh rate only kicks in at the part where you are looking. Vision Pro tracks eye movements and with the help of this feature the device increases the refresh rate where you are looking, but keeps the refresh rate lower elsewhere. You will see this in screenshot or screen-recording taken in Vision Pro.

Apple has done a good job of changing refresh rates so users don’t feel any lag when the change occurs.

At the present time, almost every popular mixed-reality headset offers 120Hz or even higher refresh rate and they cost much less than the premium Vision Pro. So, the Vision Pro should have had at least a 120Hz refresh rate. However, in real life, you won’t notice much difference between 90Hz and 120Hz.

Many reviewers have already shared their experiences with Vision Pro. And it looks like the display is the best feature of the Apple Vision Pro. So we can say that 90Hz is enough but could have been included even higher refresh rate as users are paying premium price.

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