Does the Alarm Go Off when iPhone is on Silent, Do Not Disturb, Off, or Sleep?

Setting up an alarm is a primary function that everyone performs on their devices. While phones in the older years could sound alarms even when the device went off. It’s no longer a thing for modern devices. And, if you have an iPhone, you might also want to know if your iPhone would be able to sound the alarm when it was put into different modes, powered off, silent, DND, or even on a call. In this guide, we will be answering various questions about the alarm clock on an iPhone.

The alarm clock is a feature that a lot of people depend on. So, there is simply a general need to know whether the alarm clock will function if the device is put in a particular mode or state. Nobody wants to start their day with a missed alarm right? So, let’s take a look at various situations if an iPhone’s alarm would ring or not.

Does the alarm go off when iPhone is off?

No, the Alarm will not ring if the iPhone is switched off. You see, all iPhones are known to save battery when not in use. So, when you have your iPhone powered off any alarms that you might have set will not ring. If you wanted something like this, it would be sensible to get yourself an older feature phone from Nokia.

Does the alarm go off when iPhone’s battery is dead?

Well, just like the above situation, your iPhone will not ring the alarm if the battery is dead. It’s common sense. The phone’s battery has no power, hence expect a missed alarm.

Does the alarm go off when iPhone is Silent or on DND?

Yes, in this situation the alarm will ring. Whether your phone is on the DND Mode or not, as long as your iPhone is switched on, the alarm will ring. You will also hear the alarm tone that you have set for your alarm if your device is on silent or set to DND.

Does the alarm go off when iPhone’s screen is off?

Well, if your iPhone is on but in sleep mode with the screen off, your alarm will definitely ring. As long as the iPhone is powered up, the alarm will ring based on its schedule.

Does the alarm go off during Facetime Calls on iPhone?

You might be on a voice call or on a group call using Facetime with your friends and you have a feeling that an alarm is expected to go off during that particular time of the day. Well, the alarm will still go off. However, since you are on a call, you will get to see notifications and alerts popping up indicating that the alarm is ringing. The alarm will not disrupt your voice call or Facetime calls.


So the answer is Yes. As long as your iPhone is switched on, the alarms will go off. Even when you have your iPhone set to Airplane Mode, the alarm will surely ring, simply because the device is on. The only time the alarms won’t buzz is when the battery is dead or when the device is switched off. We hope that this has cleared any of your doubts with regards to alarms on an iPhone.

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