Do you need a Fire TV Stick with your Smart TV? Find here!

Smart TVs have become more popular than ever before and can be found in every household. Be it the living, common room or maybe your bedroom. Smart TVs are available in different sizes from different brands spread across various price ranges. You can choose from TVs powered by Google TV, Roku OS, Web OS, Tizen OS, VIDAA OS, or even the Fire TV OS. While all Smart TVs can connect to the internet and let you stream your favorite apps, the big question here is, do you need another device such as a Fire TV Stick to your Smart TV? Continue reading to know all the answers to this question.

An Amazon Fire TV Stick is a simple plug-in device that you can purchase and connect to your TV easily. There are many reasons why an Amazon Fire TV Stick is useful such as its ability to turn an old or outdated Full HD or Smart TV into a modern new one with a few features that weren’t available previously on your TV. There are a lot of uses, and yes you can always go ahead and add an Amazon Fire TV Stick to your already current Smart TV. Read on to know everything about the Fire TV Stick.

Reasons to Add Fire TV Stick with a Smart TV

Always Updated with the latest software

Smart TVs in particular receive updates for a very short period. Once that period ends, you are either left with an unsupported device and probably a few bugs that have forgotten to be fixed. In this case, you have two options. Either stick with the TV or get a new one. Now, not everybody likes the idea of having to purchase a new TV all the time. This is where an Amazon Fire TV Stick comes in handy. The Fire TV Stick keeps on receiving updates for a long time. When the Fire Stick no longer receives updates, that’s when you can go buy a newer Fire TV Stick. It helps you save money and at the same time lets, you enjoy your content on the big screen.

Ability to Sideload Apps

Sometimes you might not have all the apps available in your region or for that matter might not even be available for your particular TV. This is common for the LG and Samsung Smart TVs. However, if you have the Amazon Fire TV Stick, told get access to a host of apps plus the ability to easily sideload almost any Android app. This kind of flexibility is important so that you never miss out on your favorite movies and shows. And even if you do not have the app on the store available in your region, you can simply sideload it. We have a guide here that shows you how to sideload any app on your Fire TV Stick.

App Updates

Since streaming services such as Roku and Fire TV are very popular, the apps in these services get updated first and the fastest. Regarding Smart TVs, it can take some time for the particular app to get its update. Things can get worse when your Smart TV is no longer supported by the streaming app or service. No updates mean that the app renders itself useless. This is why having a device such as  Fire TV Stick proves to be beneficial.

User Interface

Now, all Smart TVs have a user interface that is easy to navigate. Sometimes,  it might simply be too much of a headache for a few people. With the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the user interface is clean and simple. Not to forget the remote control that has the necessary buttons to navigate around. Apart from using the remote control, if you have an Amazon Alexa smart speaker, connecting it to the TV will let you control the TV just by using voice commands. How simple and easy is that.

No Junk Apps

Now, while smart TVs are good, they can sometimes be filled with apps that you might never use at all. You can treat it like bloatware as it hogs up your TV’s storage space and at times can simply not be uninstalled. With the Fire TV Stick, you have the option of choosing what app you want to install or uninstall. This gives you freedom and peace knowing that only the apps that you have installed are being updated and not some other app that you will never stream.

Connect a Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick can be connected to any TV that has an HDMI input port. Provided you have a wifi network, then you are good to go. These devices are available right away from the Amazon Store online. You can follow these guides to know how to set up and connect the Amazon Fire TV Stick to your Normal TV or a Samsung Smart TV. The method is the same for any brand of TV that you might be having.


So, do you need to have a Fire TV Stick alongside your Smart TV? Well, the answer is yes!. The above-mentioned reasons are in favor of why it is important to have the Fire TV Stick. Since your Smart TV will last long enough for at least 8 or 9 years, a Fire TV Stick will easily be useful for you, and the need to spend money and buy a new smart TV is completely avoided.

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Are you someone that has a new Smart TV but, also has the Amazon Fire TV Stick? Let us know your thoughts and experience about it in the comments below.

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