How to Delete WhatsApp Messages After 7 Minutes Deadline

Last Month on October WhatsApp introduces Recall or Revoke feature. Basically, WhatsApp let you delete or Revoke messages that you have sent by mistake to someone. This is one of the best WhatsApp features that we have seen in a while. This works on all chats including Group messages and personal conversation. When you will delete messages the receiver will see a notice that “This message was deleted”. To get this feature you need to have the latest WhatsApp on both Sender and Receivers Phone. Here you will get to know How to Delete WhatsApp Messages After 7 Minutes Deadline. Because there is a barrier in the time limit that you can delete a message up to 7 minutes After you send them.

Before moving to the topic first let me tell you How you can Delete WhatsApp message. So to delete a Message both the sender and receiver should have Latest version of WhatsApp. Then if you ever sent a message by mistake then just select that message and Tap on Delete icon. Then select Delete for Everyone. Moving to the topic How to Delete WhatsApp Messages After 7 Minutes Deadline.

Delete WhatsApp Messages After 7 Minutes

There are some cases like if we forgot to delete a message and it comes to our mind after seven Minute. Then this will help you if the receiver hasn’t seen the message yet. You can even delete messages which are old as a week. This will work on Both Android and iOS Devices. There is no need to Root or JailBreak, it is simple enough that it will take only about 1 minute. Let’s move to Method to Delete WhatsApp Messages After 7 Minutes.

  • First Disable Internet Connection on your Phone.
  • Then Force close WhatsApp application window if its open.
  • Now check the date of the message that you want to delete. Then change the date of your phone to a day before it.
  • Open WhatsApp on your Phone and select (long press) the Message that you want to delete.
  • Then follow simple methods to delete the message. Delete > Delete for Everyone.
  • Enjoy Messaging!

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