December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop brings 16 new features

Google has released the final Pixel Feature Drop of the year. The Pixel Feature Drops are pushed to eligible Pixel devices every quarter. And these drops only bring features to Pixel devices. The December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop is packed with multiple new features. Recently Google also released a Feature Drop update for all Android devices that you can check out here.

The new Feature Drop is available to Pixel 5a (5G), Pixel 6/6 Pro/6a, Pixel 7/7 Pro/7a, Pixel 8/8 Pro, Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet and Pixel Watch. Now let’s see what new features come with the latest Pixel drop update.

Summarize in Recorder

This is a Pixel 8 Pro exclusive feature which summarize recorded audio in the Recorder app. The feature does not require Internet connection. It is done with the help of Gemini Nano, Google’s AI model.

December 2023 Feature Drop Update

Smart Reply in Gboard

Another Pixel 8 Pro exclusive feature which is going to be super useful to save time. When user receive a message the Gboard will have the reply ready that you can send by just selecting the reply. From what Google showed in video, AI is pretty good on picking correct replies.

December 2023 Feature Drop Update

Currently its in Preview and available in WhatsApp, but it will be available to more apps in 2024.

Video boost with Night Sight

The Pixel 8 Pro’s Video boost now support Night Sight videos. Video boost adjust color, lighting, stabilization, and noise to make the video rich in detail and stabilized. To use this function, users need to upload the video in the cloud and they will get the better video in output. It requires specific hardware to work so right now only available in Pixel 8 Pro.

Night Sight in Time Lapse

In the Pixel 8 series, the Night Sight is now available for Time Lapse video. So if you are looking to record a time lapse in low light this will be helpful. The time lapse conditions still apply like place your phone in a steady surface.

December 2023 Feature Drop Update

Portrait Light

Improve new or old Portrait photos that have poor light. It used AI to balance light that removes harsh shadows. It can be accessed from Google Photos. The feature is available for Android 14 eligible phones except Pixel 5a 5G.

Photo Unblur upgrade

Photo Unblur feature gets an upgrade. It is now better at sharpenening dogs and cats images along with already available features. The feature is available for all Android Pixel devices except Pixel 5a 5G.

Dual Screen Preview

On Pixel fold the camera view will be visible in both inner and outer display. From the inner display you can take photos while from the outer display they can adjust their poses by seeing the preview.

December 2023 Feature Drop Update

Device as a Webcam

We all know the inbuilt camera on Laptops are bad, but now you can use your Pixel phone as a camera for your Laptop. All you need is connect your Pixel phone to computer using USB. It is available for Pixel 6 and newer devices.

Clean feature

The new Pixel’s Clean feature can remove smudges, stains and creases from scanned documents. You can access it from Camera app. Available for all devices expect Pixel 5a 5G.

December 2023 Feature Drop Update

Passkey and Password Manager Improvements

Google Password manager can now identify which account support passkeys along with easy way to add them. Available for all Pixel phones (Android 14).

Repair Mode

It’s similar to Maintenance Mode on Galaxy phones. Users can enable it before sending or leaving the device to Service center or a repair shop. When enabled it keeps the data protected and inaccessible to unauthorized users. Available to Pixel 6 and newer phones except Pixel 6a and Pixel Tablet.

December 2023 Feature Drop Update

Smarter replies in Call Screen

Google Assistant now shows contextual replies in Call screen. In case you don’t want to talk, you can use these replies which will be read out loud to the caller.

December 2023 Feature Drop Update

Screening Call is now also available on Pixel Watch.

Pixel Tablet Clear Calling

With the help of AI, call on Pixel Tablet are clear as it reduces background noise and enhances your voice.

Spatial Audio with head tracking on Pixel Tablet

Pixel Tablet now supports Spatial Audio to enjoy surround sound while watching movies or shows. All you need is to pair your Pixel Buds Pro and enjoy the immersive sound.

Other features include:

  • Direct My Call and Hold For Me expands to non-toll free numbers. And it is now also available in the UK.
  • Weather and clock all in one
December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop Update

The Pixel Feature Drop update is rolling out to Pixel 5a 5G and newer phones. It is gradually rolling out and the rollout will continue over the next few weeks. Some AI features are only available for Pixel 8 Pro. Check the above image to know which features are available for your phone or not. Enjoy new set of Pixel features.

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