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DDR3 vs DDR4 : The Things you Should know about

DDR4 has started appearing on the Market as well as in the latest Mobile phones and Computer Devices. DDR3 has ruled for years, and now DDR4 is becoming the new recommendation over DDR3. You are here because maybe you have seen DDR4 for the first time while searching for a product. Another reason could be the knowledge that you want to know about these products. To give you the better understanding we have compared some of the essential features of DDR3 and DDR4. Here you will know about DDR3 vs DDR4 RAM, also the overall conclusion of the comparison.

DDR3 is still recommended if you don’t want to spend more money. But you can not expect from DDR3 to work like DDR4. The availability of DDR4 is limited, but later on, we can see it on a large scale in Markets and supported devices. DDR is one of the major components that you should look before buying a new tech device. As from the name, DDR4 appears to be the latest version and so the price.

Before moving to the comparison, I would like to share What are the DDR3 and DDR4 and what are there use and the Importance.

What are DDR3 and DDR4?

The term DDR is related to the memory that has used on Mobile phones, Computers, and other similar Devices. DDR SDRAM also called DDR1 SDRAM whereas DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 are the Updated version or generations of RAM.

DDR3 vs DDR4 RAM: Comparison

Operating Voltage:


Operating Voltage matters a lot in some cases that’s why it is a part of a comparison in DDR3 vs DDR4. DDR3 operates on Higher voltage, i.e., 1.5 volts while DDR4 operates at a lower voltage, i.e., 1.2 volts. The operating voltage will not matter if you are using the DDR4 device in small scale. But in case of large-scale using DDR4, you can save a lot where every 15W counts.ddr4 vs ddr3 RAM

Clock Speed:

Clock speed tells how fast the RAM can read or Write the data. In my opinion, the most recommended factor is speed. DDR3 can migrate data starting at 800Mhz and goes up to 2133Mhz (maximum). Where the DDR3 Speed capacity ends, at that rate DDR4 begins. It means DDR4 works at 2133Mhz minimum, and it goes up to a lot (No specific value). In DDR3 vs DDR4 RAM comparison DDR4 clearly wins the speed round.ddr3 vs ddr4 RAM


Another change has made to the latency as well. Latency also affects the clock speed. The DDR3-2133 comes with a latency around 55 nanoseconds whereas the DDR4-2133 has a latency around 63 nanoseconds. While there is a small increase in latency but more is better than less. In DDR3 vs DDR4 RAM comparison, DDR3 is doing well according to its price.ddr3 vs ddr4

Physical Interface:


It is also a factor to talk about in DDR3 vs DDR4. Physical changes are made in DDR4, because of this you can not use the DDR4 and DDR3 simultaneously on the same motherboard. DDR3 comes with the setup of 240-pins while the DDR4 consists of 288-pins. To keep the DDR4 small in size the distance between pins are decreased.

ddr3 vs ddr4 ram for gaming

Memory Capacity:

In DDR3 vs DDR4, As the DDR4 is the next generation of the DDR over DDR3, the capacity has also increased. DDR3 has the maximum memory capacity of 16GB per DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Modules). But in case of DDR4, it has the maximum memory capacity of 64GB per DIMM. DDR3 can fulfill the needs that we require to play massive games and heavy processing.


In DDR3 vs DDR4 RAM, it is obvious that DDR4 will give more stable and faster work durability. If you want more speed to reduce processing time, go for DDR4 if it is under your budget. But if not you can use DDR3, it can finish the present generation work within time.

It is the end of comparison of DDR3 vs DDR4. So if you have any questions regarding DDR4 vs DDR3 feel free to leave it as a comment.

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