How to Install/Apply Custom Fonts on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra [without Root]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a premium flagship device of the year 2020 from Samsung with many unique features. Samsung uses its own OneUI, which is highly customizable. The OneUI offers a dedicated Themes section, which has tons of different themes for customization. But when it comes to custom fonts, we have to either root our device or try different themes. And so to avoid all this, we have a guide for you. Here you will know How to Install Custom Fonts on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Fonts are the main elements to consider if you wish to customize your phone. You can use widgets, wallpapers, and different elements, but these are only applied in the home screen or a few screens. But fonts are applied to the entire phone like Settings, Browsers, Notifications, Homescreen, and many third-party apps. So you can guess the importance of fonts on Samsung S20 Ultra or other phones. Custom Fonts for Samsung Galaxy S20

There’s no denying that the Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with many theme options, but to get the specific fonts, we have to test various themes. So it takes a lot of time to check which fonts look good and available in which themes. And you may also have questions like where you can get custom fonts and how can you use it. Well, here you will get all your answers. Here you get to download custom fonts for Galaxy S20 Ultra along with the guide to apply custom fonts on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Download Custom Fonts for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Everyone likes to try different fonts on their phones, but only a few phones come with custom fonts by default. And luckily, Samsung supports custom fonts, but we need different fonts files. You can also create your own custom fonts, or you can also download custom fonts for Galaxy S20 Ultra directly using the below links. The link contains more than 50 custom fonts that you can get on your Galaxy S20 devices.

All thanks to JAMRZ69 (Senior member at XDA Forum) for all the custom fonts for Samsung phones. You can check his custom font post here. You can download the Galaxy S20 custom font file using the below link.

Once you have downloaded custom fonts for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, you can use the below guide to install it on your phone.

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How to Install Custom Fonts on Samsung Galaxy S20 Phones

As you know, Samsung supports custom fonts, but it requires a different method to install. So this guide will help you to get custom fonts on your phone. And the great thing about the method is that you don’t need to root your Galaxy S20 phone. So let’s now check the below steps to apply custom fonts on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

  1. First, download the custom fonts zip file to your phone from the download section.
  2. Now extract the custom fonts zip file on your phone.
  3. In the extracted folder, look for #mono_ 1.0.apk and install it on your phone.
  4. Create a new folder in the root location of your phone and name it monofonts. (You can also copy monofonts folder from the extracted custom font file instead of creating a new monofonts folder)
  5. If you have created a new monofonts folder, then copy all the fonts apk and paste in the monofonts folder, which is available in the root directory.
  6. Now open the mono app on your phone, and it will show all the custom fonts that are available in monofonts folder.
  7. Choose your favorite font and install it from the Mono app.
  8. After installing your favorite custom fonts, open Settings on your phone.
  9. Then go to Display > Font Style, and there you will find all the custom fonts. Custom Fonts for Samsung Galaxy S20
  10. Select any custom font, and it will apply to your Samsung phone.
  11. A soft reboot is recommended but not necessary.

That’s it, and now you can choose from hundreds of custom fonts. If you know how to make an apk for any custom font, then you can also add your own custom fonts on the phone. Just copy the font apk to the monofonts folder and install it from the Mono app. Then you can directly apply from Settings.

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The method is also working for other Samsung phones like Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, and other phones. So it means you can apply custom fonts on any Samsung device running on OneUI.

So there you have it the complete guide on download custom fonts for Samsung phones along with installation guide. I hope you find the method useful, and if so, you can share it with your friends who want to apply custom fonts on their phones. And if you have any questions or requests for a guide, then let us know in the comment section.

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