Counter-Strike 2 is Official and Coming Soon! Here’s What We Know So Far

Finally, there has been official news about Counter-Strike 2 which has been in the talks after a leak. Valve has just made an official announcement about the sequel for one of the most popular games Counter-Strike: GO. Yes, Counter-Strike 2 is officially announced and there’s a lot of good news for fans who are waiting for the new game. Let’s talk about what we know so far about this great shooting game.

Valve just made an announcement yesterday talking about how Counter-Strike will be moving ahead. And, moving ahead in the right direction it is. The new Counter Strike 2 is being built on top of the Source 2 game engine. With Counter-Strike 2, you can expect improvements in all departments. With the improvement in gameplay controls, graphics, and audio, Counter-Strike 2 will be a major modern-day upgrade to the existing Counter-Strike GO game.

The game will be having the same maps (overhauled maps rebuilt from the ground up) as that of Counter-Strike Go. Whether there will be new maps being added to the new game, only time will tell. Well, Valve has announced that the Limited Beta Testing for Counter-Strike 2 has already begun and a few select players will be able to join and play the beta for Counter-Strike 2. The testing period will be used to see if there are problems or bugs with the game along with any issues that might have gone under the table during internal tests.

Looking at the release date for the game, Valve is looking to drop the game during the Summer of 2023. Yes, we can expect the game to be made available for play quite soon. So, what about the price of Counter Strike 2? Well, the game is going to be a free upgrade to Counter-Strike Go. So, yes it will be free to play right away from day 1. Also, Valve has stated that your inventory from Counter-Strike Go will be carried over to Counter-Strike 2.

Here is a list of all the improvements that will be present in Counter-Strike 2.

  • Bullets and grenades can now push and clear off smoke
  • Smoke will now expand out via doors, windows, and tunnels
  • More realistic smoke lighting and colors
  • The tick rate is no longer important when you are moving, shooting, or tossing grenades
  • All CS: GO maps are rebuilt from the ground up
  • Better lighting, and textures for maps, especially in tunnels and alleys
  • Source 2 tools will be made available to the public to build and experiment as much as you want
  • All inventory items from CS: GO transferred to CS: 2  and will also be better with improved in-game lighting
  • Easily viewable bullet and directional blood impact
  • Better flame effects
  • Upgraded in-game UI
  • Audio effects are reworked to sound based on the environment

So far the limited test will be available for a select number of players. Hopefully, we get to see in-game footage for Counter-Strike 2 being uploaded to either twitch or YouTube in the coming days. We can’t wait for more information such as a fixed release date and system requirements for the game. Also, what happens to Counter-Strike Go when Counter-Strike 2 comes out? Will it just die a quick death or will it still be kept alive for old times’ sake? Well, for all of this, only time will tell.

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