Counter-Strike 2 beta leaked, available for download

Valve announced the sequel to one of the most popular games out there; Counter-Strike 2. Yes, Counter-Strike 2 is official and is expected to be playable in the summer of this year. Now, after the announcement, the beta testing for the game has been made available for a select number of Counter-Strike GO players. This is a limited beta test that would be testing out features, and gameplay as well as look out for bugs as well as suggesting improvements to the game if any.

Now, what’s fun is that the limited beta test for Counter-Strike 2 has been leaked online and a lot of people are now able to play the game. One needs to note that even if you do get access to the game files, you will only be able to play the game offline with bots. Now, who exactly leaked the game online, nobody knows. But one can be very sure that it has to be someone who was selected for the limited beta testing who has uploaded these files. This interesting discovery was first reported on Twitter by the user Artie Yamamoto.

In the tweet, you can see the game files that have been made available for the public to download and play. The game is currently available on a particular torrent website. As of now, lots of people have already downloaded the game. People have even been posting screenshots of the new Counter-Strike 2 game.

If you plan on searching for the game, search and download it at your own risk, since there is a possibility of numerous uploads that might claim to be the game but simply turn out to be random files filled to the brim with viruses and malware.

While it might seem interesting to check out the game, it’s best to wait for some more time as more and more people will be recruited into the limited beta test for Counter-Strike 2. Also, the game is coming in Summer which means we don’t have to wait much.

We can also expect popular modders in the Counter-Strike modding community to get access to the game as well as the tools for the game engine Source 2. Plus the game will also be a free upgrade to CS: Go, so it’s ideal to wait and be able to play online with your teammates instead of simply playing the offline version of the leaked game with the bots.

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