How to enable Cough and Snore Detection on Google Pixel 7 Series

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are the latest flagship phones from Google. This year Google made the right move by improving performance rather than just upgrading hardware. And on top of that aggressive pricing is another good move by Google.

Pixel 7 series comes with many new software features as well. One of the cool new features on the device is cough and snore detection. Yes, the new Pixel 7 series can detect your cough and snore while you sleep without a smartwatch.

Snore detection is one of the best features available on some smartwatches. But if you have a Pixel 7 phone then you don’t need a smartwatch for this feature. Since this is a new feature on a Pixel smartphone, you will want to know how to use this new feature to its full advantage. Here we have shared a detailed guide that you can follow.

How does Snore and Cough detection work?

The Pixel 7 series listens to sound during the night. And by differentiating normal breathing and loud breathing like the snore or cough it can tell if you have any breathing issues and you can take the required actions to deal with the situation.

How to Turn On Cough and Snore Detection

To enable or disable this new feature of Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, you can follow these steps.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Pixel 7 either from App Drawer or Quick settings.
  2. Look for Digital Wellbeing & parental controls option and open it.
    How to Turn On Cough and Snore Detection on Pixel 7
  3. Now you need to open the Bedtime Mode settings.
    How to Turn On Cough and Snore Detection on Pixel 7
  4. In Weekly Bedtime Summary, select Cough and Snore Info tab. You will be asked to allow access, so grant permission to proceed.
    How to Turn On Cough and Snore Detection on Pixel 7
  5. This will open the required page, here you can turn on the Cough and Snore detection.

Once you enable it, it will start detecting cough and snoring as soon as your phone enters Bedtime Mode. In case you want the cough and snore detection feature to kick in automatically at night then you will need to set a particular time. And when time strikes the set time, the Pixel 7 will start detecting coughs and snoring.

How to Turn On Cough and Snore Detection on Pixel 7

So as you can see the new cough and snoring detection is a digital wellbeing feature. If you don’t know Digital Wellbeing is an advanced platform that generates reports of everything you access on your phone. You can see the real time usage of the app or the number of times you’ve unlocked the device. And now a new feature has been added to the list.

How to Turn On Cough and Snore Detection on Pixel 7

How to see Cough and Snore Reports

After using the Snore and cough detection on the Google Pixel 7 for the first time, you would want to see the report generated by the device or the result if simply put. In the report, you will see the time interval of the cough and snore with some other detailed info.

You can view the snore and cough report in the digital wellbeing available under Settings. Once you open Digital Wellbeing, check the chart under the weekly average summary. Make sure you have switched to Cough and Snore info tab.

In the chart, you will see the Coughing data in the Red signs whereas the Snoring data will be shown in the Blue signs. And when the cough and snore are detected at the same time you will see purple lines.

To check the daily information, tap on the Show Daily Summary. Here you can check the details of any particular day.

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are the only Google phones that come with the new cough and snore detection feature. It looks like it’s an exclusive Pixel 7 feature. So this means it is not going to be released for previous Pixel phones as per my guess.

So that’s all on Pixel 7’s snore and cough detection feature. Let us know how frequently you check your snoring and coughing data. Also, let us know in case of any queries.

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