Oppo releases ColorOS 12 Roadmap for June 2022

June has started which means the second quarter is almost over. And so in June, we can expect Android 12 on all Android smartphones that are expected to get Android 12 by Q2 but haven’t received the update yet. Oppo also has a few phones in the queue. And the OEM has shared the ColorOS 12 roadmap which you can check to find out whether your Oppo phone will get Android 12 based ColorOS 12 this month or not.

Oppo has already covered the new Android 12 update for many of its eligible phones. Last month, Oppo released ColorOS 12 for several Oppo phones including Oppo A53, A73, Reno3 series, F17, and others. And soon the rest of the phones will also get the update one by one according to the roadmap.

Oppo shares the new ColorOS 12 roadmap schedule every month which includes the list of Oppo phones that are to receive stable or beta builds that month. And following the process, Oppo released the Colors 12 roadmap for June 2022. You can check the full roadmap below to see if your device is on the list.

Check out the list.

ColorOS 12 Beta Roadmap for June 2022

ColorOS 12 roadmap June 2022
  • From 23rd June 2022 – Oppo Reno 7 Z 5G (Indonesia) and Oppo F21 Pro 5G (India)

ColorOS 12 Stable Roadmap for June 2022

ColorOS 12 roadmap June 2022
  • From 15th June 2022 – Oppo Reno 7 5G (India), Oppo A96 (India), Oppo K10 (India)
  • From 28th June 2022 – Oppo Reno 10x Zoom (India)
  • From 29th June 2022 – Oppo A76 (India)

ColorOS 12 Stable Roadmap for WEU Region in June 2022

ColorOS 12 roadmap June 2022
  • Ongoing:
    • Oppo Reno4 Pro 5G (France), Oppo Reno4 5G (France, Italy, Spain), Oppo A74 5G (France, Spain), Oppo A54 5G (France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom).
    • Find X2 (Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine), Reno6 Pro 5G (Poland, Romania), Reno6 5G (Poland, Romania), Reno6 (Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey), Reno5 5G (Czech, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), Reno5 Z 5G (Czech, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia), Reno5 (Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey), Reno5 Lite (Kazakhstan, Russia), Reno4 Pro (Kazakhstan, Turkey), Reno4 (Poland, Turkey), Reno4 Lite (Kazakhstan, Russia), A54 5G (Poland, Romania)

You must be thinking about where it deserves the wait or it is just an update for the name. Well, it doesn’t offer features like the stock Android 12, but you do get some new useful features. These features include new inclusive design, 3D textured icons, adopts Android 12-based widgets, new features for AOD, new privacy controls, and many other features. And you can also access the essentials of Android 12. Oppo also packed its skin with a big list of aesthetic wallpapers, you can download these walls right here. Apart from these changes, we can expect updated security patch levels and more stability across the system.

If your smartphone is in a new roadmap, then make sure to upgrade your smartphone to the latest available software first. If your phone is running on the newest software then you’ll get the new update on time. Also, take a backup of important data before upgrading your smartphone to the newer version.

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