How to Change MAC Address on Windows 10

Media  Access Control (MAC) is a unique identifier which is provided by your network card in your Windows 10. The IP address of every device is unique & IP address is never same of 2 devices, MAC address if fixed and you can connect 2 devices to one MAC address. In this post, you will read about How to Change MAC Address on Windows 10.

How to Change MAC Address on Windows 10:

Find your default MAC Address

  • Go to CMD, and type ipconfig.
  • Then you will see Physical Address“, that is your MAC address.

Change your MAC Address

  • Go to Control Panel, and open Network and Sharing.
  • Then click on “Adapter setting“, Right-click on the adapter, Then go to Properties.
  • Then click on Configure, Then Click on Network Address, Then enter a new MAC Address.

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