3 Ways to Change Input on Insignia TV without Remote

While many of us know how to change the input source on our TVs, there are many instances when we don’t have a remote or maybe it’s not functioning but want to change the input. If you own an Insignia TV and find yourself in a similar situation, this guide will show you how to change input on Insignia TV without remote control.

A Remote control is an essential accessory for many electronic devices especially TVs. It helps us to operate the device without needing to reach the device. I know how stressful it can be when a remote is lost or doesn’t work, because I’ve lost remote more than once. We start looking for alternatives or ways to use TV without remote. But if you happen to have a remote for the device (eg. Firestick) connected to a source, then you can make things easy by switching to that source.

No matter whether the remote control has been lost, the input source button is not working, or it’s not responding to TV at all, this guide will help you change the source to any input, whether it’s HDMI, AV, USB, or others.


If you’ve lost your Insignia TV Remote or it’s not working for some reason, you can still change the Input source on your TV. Simply use the Input/Source or Menu buttons on the TV itself to quickly switch to a different Input Source.

Change Input on Insignia TV Using Physical Buttons

Almost all the Insignia smart TV models have a set of physical buttons, including the input source, through which you can change the input of the TV.

How to Change Input on Insignia TV Without Remote? [Using Physical Buttons]

You can find it either on the sides, back, or even on some models at the bottom panel of the Insignia smart TV.

Moreover, some Insignia TVs have these buttons hidden under a cover. Hence, make sure to check for a cover on the bottom or side of your TV and open it carefully.

Once you find the button, simply press it, then navigate to the correct source using channel buttons. And the TV will switch to the selected source.

How to Change Input on Insignia TV using Mobile App

Another way through which you can change the input of your Insignia smart TV is by using a remote app. The remote app for the Insignia TV varies depending on the operating system the TV is running on.

You need to install Amazon Fire TV (Android, iPhone) for Insignia Fire TV, and if you have Insignia Roku TV, download the Roku mobile app (Android, iPhone).

How to Change Input on Insignia TV Without Remote? [Using Mobile App]

In addition to the official app, you can also use third-party apps to change the input source. To use these, just install a relevant app from the Google Play Store or App Store, then pair it with your TV. Once paired, use the app as a virtual remote control and change the input.

How to Change Input on Insignia TV using Keyboard, Mouse, or an External Device

You can always use an external device, like a mouse, keyboard, gaming controller, or others, to change your Insignia TV’s input source. For this method, turn on your Insignia TV and connect the external device to your TV’s USB port. From the home page of the TV navigate to the correct input source option, and then select it. The Input will change quickly.

How to Change Input on Insignia TV Without Remote? [Using Keyboard, Mouse, or an External Device]

Wrapping Up

That brings us to the end of the article. I hope one of the above-mentioned methods helped you change the source of your Insignia TV without remote control.

If your Insignia remote is not working, you can also make use of a universal remote if you have any to change the input of the TV without the original remote. Just program the universal remote control to work with your Insignia TV, then change its source.

If you have any questions related to the article, do let us know in the comments below. Also, please share the piece of content with your friends and family.

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