Can you use Blink Camera without a Subscription?

Home security has always been considered important. Everyone wants to live in a safe environment without having to live in fear of not knowing who is around their property or for that matter even at the door. While it may all seem good to use security smart cameras right away, subscription plans are quickly making their way into them. The Blink range of security cameras for indoor and outdoor now have subscription plans, and a lot of people have mixed feelings towards it. So the big question that owners of the Blink Security Camera have right now is can you use these cameras at all without a subscription? Read on to know more.

Subscription plans are kind of a necessary evil. It works great for some services and at times it doesn’t. Many people have purchased their Blink cameras previously and found them working just right since you didn’t need to have a subscription to use them. However, with time, things have changed and a lot of people are confused about it. Plus people are even planning to get newer cameras from vendors that do not charge a subscription fee. But, if you are someone who still wishes to use the Blink Cameras and is wondering if they will ever be functional without a subscription plan, here is everything you need to know.

Can you use Blink Outdoor Camera without Subscription Plans?

So, the big question here is can you use these cameras without a plan, or are they just paperweights at home? The answer is yes. You can use these cameras without a subscription. However, you will be missing out on a few things such as cloud storage, live view recording as well as video sharing. While these kinds of features seem to be the core features why people have purchased Blink Cameras, seeing the very same features being locked behind a paywall.

If you have one of those older Blink Camera models such as the Blink Indoor, Outdoor, and Doorbell cameras (2nd generation), as well as the Blink Mini Cameras, can continue to store Motion Clips on to the USB drives. But, if you have the older Blink camera models such as the XT2, XT, and the Indoor cameras (generation 1) will still be able to record up to 7200 seconds per Sync Module of Cloud Storage. This is the same original feature that came with these cameras and users do not have to pay anything for these devices.

Blink Camera Plans

However, if you still feel that having a subscription plan is alright and won’t mind shelling out more money for monthly or yearly subscription plans, There are two kinds of plans available if you would like to choose from.

Blink Basic Plan

The Blink Basic plan will cost you $3 a month or 30% a year. This is the base plan and misses out on just a few features. Anyway, here is what the plan offers you.

1 supported device
Notifications as and when motion is detected
Live Streaming
Recording on motion detection
Live Recording
Unlimited video history for 60 days
Instant recorded video access
Video Sharing
Image Capture

Blink Plus Plan

This is the top-end plan for Blink Cameras. It will cost you $10 a month or $100 a year. In all fairness, it has everything that the Blink Basic Plan has. In the Plus plan, you can add any number of devices to your account, and you get access to extended warranty coverage. Users who have opted for this plan will get 10% off on Blink devices purchased via Amazon.

Claim Free 30-day trial

Each Blink camera purchase entitles you to a free 30-day trial period. You can then choose any Blink plan once your trial period has been completed. You can also purchase the plan before you begin the free trial period. Plans can be purchased via Amazon itself, provided you have lined your Blink account to Amazon.

  • Launch the Blink Home Monitor app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Now, open up the Settings for the app.
  • You will see the Link Amazon Account option.
  • Tap on it and enter your Amazon account details.
  • Now, on the Amazon app, look for the Blink plan that you wish to purchase.
  • Over here, you will be attaching the plan to your Blink device or account since you have linked both accounts.
  • Simply checkout and pay. The plan will be activated right away on your Blink account.


In short, yes you can continue using your Blink cameras without a subscription. However, there are a few disadvantages since the main features are now locked. It would rather be better to opt for a plan or else, simply switch to another home security camera service.

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What are your thoughts about it? Would you be purchasing plans or switching from Blink? Lets us know about it in the comments below.

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