Can You See Through The Apple Vision Pro?

Apple’s Vision Pro is the talk of the town right now. It’s one of the hottest gadgets with a hefty price tag of around $3500. While it does have a steep price tag, the tech, and trickery that it has under the headset’s shell is something to admire. While a handful of YouTubers and people have their hands on the brand-new Apple Vision Pro, the general public as well as the new owners of the Vision Pro have a few questions.

One of the most important questions about the Apple Vision Pro is whether you can see through the headset when you wear it. Do read on to know the answer to that question.

Can You See Through The Apple Vision Pro Headset?

Apple has stated that the Vision Pro is made up of a laminated glass display at the front of the headset. Towards the inside of the Vision Pro, you do get two cushioned ZEISS optic lenses for you to view content. Do remember that the front of the headset has several cameras that let you see through the real world when using the headset.

So can you see through the Vision Pro when it is powered off?

The answer is no, you can not see it. Why? Well, that is simply because the cameras that give you image input are off hence no video feed. But, when you switch to the Vision Pro and use it, you will be able to see through the headset.

One cool feature about the headset and the ability to see through your surroundings is that the Vision Pro will automatically let you see the person in front of you when they approach you. At the same time, the outer laminated glass display will also reveal your eyes to the person looking straight at you.

Apple Vision Pro Tech Specs

Now that you have the answers for whether you will be able to see through your Apple Vision Pro headset or not, let’s take a dig into the tech specs of the Apple Vision Pro.

  • Display Pixels: 23 million
  • Display System: 3D System
  • Display Type: Micro OLED
  • Pixel Pitch: 7.5 micron
  • Refresh Rates: 90Hz, 96 Hz, 100 Hz
  • Playback Framerate: 24 FPS and 30 FPS
  • Video Mirroring: 720p
  • CPU: Apple M2 with Apple R1
  • Camera Setup: 3D Stereoscopic Main Camera
  • Sensors
    • 2 High Res main cameras
    • 6 front-facing tracking cameras
    • LiDAR Scanner
    • 4 inertial measuring units
    • Flicker sensor
    • Ambient light sensor
  • Audio: Spatial Audio with Audio Ray Tracing
  • Battery: 2 hours battery capacity
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3 and WiFi 6
  • OS: visionOS
  • Storage Options: 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB

Closing Thoughts

Well, you now have the answer to your question of if you would be able to see through the Apple Vision Pro headset. Also, knowing the tech specs for the Apple Vision Pro gives you a good idea of what you can expect from the headset as well as how its optimal performance will be when using different kinds of applications that have been designed for it.

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