Browser Comparison: Opera Mini vs Puffin vs Jelly Web Browser

Browser Comparison: Opera Mini vs Puffin vs Jelly Web Browser

The Browser is the most important thing on your smartphone or PC. It is very important for any user when they surf the web. Today, Here we found some best browsers for android which is extremely faster than your default browser. In this post, we review 3 browsers, “Browser Comparison: Opera Mini vs Puffin vs Jelly Web Browser”.

 Browsing Speed on YTECHB.comDownload Speed (4MB file size)
Opera Mini21.02 Seconds36.38 Seconds
Puffin Web Browser7.71 Seconds35.71 Seconds
Jelly Web Browser8.36 Seconds37.24 Seconds

Opera Mini Web Browser:

As we all know that Opera mini is still our favorite more than Chrome  & UC on android but take a look here can opera defeats the battle, and giving more great results or not than the puffin web browser and Jelly web browser. In browsing Opera mini is the last it takes 21.2 secs to open but in downloading test opera mini beats the Jelly web browser. Click here to download opera mini now.

Puffin Web Browser:

Puffin is a great android browser which comes with the great features, like on the first-time start they will ask you to choose your UI (PC or Mobile) which is cool. On both PC UI and Mobile UI Puffin gives incredible speed. In browsing Puffin wins both rounds of surfing and downloading test. Click here to download puffin web browser now.

Jelly Web Browser:

Jelly web browser is the browser which comes from the new OS named as Lineage OS. Jelly web browser has the default search engine of which provides you great & perfect results. In the browsing battle Jelly web browser takes the 2nd position but in the downloading test jelly web browser is last because jelly web browser does not have integrated downloader. Click to download Jelly web browser apk now (Source: Android Police).

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