Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Service launches on Chromebooks

When it comes to gaming on computers, the only device that comes to mind is a Windows computer. However, all of these things have changed with time thanks to cloud gaming services. Cloud gaming services let you play games on any and every device. When it comes to Chromebooks, users were able to make use of Google Stadia. However, with Google Stadia already in the tech grave, there doesn’t seem to be any other options until now.

As of now, Chromebook users were able to play tier cloud games easily via NVIDIA’s GeForceNOW, Amazon Luna, and Xbox Game Cloud. Thankfully for those who enjoy cloud gaming on Chromebooks, there’s a new cloud gaming service for them. Boosteroid Gaming is the new entrant in the cloud gaming scene for Chromebooks. This gives a lot of Chromebook users a choice to continue using their Chromebooks and enjoy their favorite games right away.

With Boosteroid, users on Chromebooks will only have to install the Boosteroid launcher. Once they have set up their account and picked up a subscription plan, users will be able to play a large variety of games from Steam as well as the Epic Games Store. When it comes to the performance of the service on Chromebooks, Boosteroid has been thoroughly optimized so that you get a good experience all the time.

Boosteroid Gaming lets you easily switch between different devices and platforms with the ability to continue your game from where you left off. Now, if you are a gamer and you enjoy playing a lot of games, you will also be able to stream your games to YouTube in 1080p, which is not bad at all for a cloud gaming service, especially on Chromebooks.

Boosteroid has a monthly subscription plan of $8.99 per month or $89.99 for the annual subscription. To play your games easily and smoothly, users will require to have at least 15MBps of internet speed and at least a 720p display.

You can also make use of various Bluetooth or wired game controllers to enjoy your games. The best part about this launch is that Boosteroid is available as a free one-month trial for select Chromebooks. You can install the Boosteroid PWA on your Chromebook directly from the Google Play Store.

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