10 Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC and Android OS (2020)

We know that Android and iOS are the only leading OS for mobile phones. And you may or may not know that we can use Android OS on our PC with the help of various emulators. And similarly, there are some iOS emulators that allow us to run iOS Apps and Games on computers as well as Android phones. So if you want to experience iOS or iPadOS on your device then this guide is for you. Here you will know about the best iOS emulator for PC and Android Phones.

There are many iOS emulators available so it’s difficult to choose the best one. And so we dig deep to find out the best iOS emulator and luckily we found some. We shortlisted some iOS emulator for PC to make the selection easy. Lets first know what is iOS Emulator and what are its advantages.

What is an iOS Emulator?

iOS Emulators are the software that provides the iOS interface on a different OS to run iOS Apps and iOS games. iOS emulators are available for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS as well. It means you can Run iOS Apps and play iOS games on these OS. The emulator uses the storage from the device to provide space to store all the iOS Apps, Games and data. iOS emulator works similarly to any other iOS device.

Advantages of iOS Emulator

iOS emulators come with some amazing features which are useful and helpful. There are a lot of advantages of an iOS Emulator. We are sharing some of the main advantages that make it great.

  • Free – You don’t need an iPhone or iPad to run iOS Apps and Games. Hence it is cost-effective which is the main advantage of an iOS emulator. Just install any one iOS Emulator and feel the experience of iOS phones.
  • Regular Update – iOS Emulator also lets the user experience the latest OS by launching updates regularly. With every update, they bring something new and also fix bugs.
  • Good for Testing – A developer can also test Apps and Games while developing it. So that the developer can find the error, issues or problem and fix it to produce a better App.
  • Multiple OS support – iOS Emulator is supported on multiple OS such as Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS.

Best iOS Emulator for PC

These iOS emulators are available for Windows PC for free. So if you are looking for an iOS emulator for PC then this section is for you. And if you are looking iOS emulator for the phone then check out the next section. If you are not a developer I will recommend using iPadian Simulator because it is very interesting and promising.

1. Smartface

Smartface is a development tool where developers can design, develop, test, deploy, distribute and manage their work. It is a great tool that lets the user run iOS Apps, it is like Android Studio but for iOS.

Best iOS Emulator
Credit – Smartface

Developing a native application is easy, Download Smartface App from App Store and then connect it with Windows OS which has iTunes installed. Smartface is also available for Android OS.

Platform – Windows

Smartface Link

2. MobiOne Studio

It is very much similar to Smartface. It Creates cross-platform applications compatible with iOS and Android. A developer can build Android and iOS-based Apps on native HTML 5 hybrid systems. And can deploy their apps directly to mobiles. Best iOS Emulator for Windows

MobiOne studio features iPad user interface templates, Drag and drop builder, customizable workbench, MobiOne App Sync and many more.

Platform – Windows

MobiOne Studio Link

3. AIR iPhone

AIR iPhone is not completely an emulator but it works very similarly to an iOS Emulator. It is an Adobe AIR application that produces the iPhone’s GUI which looks like an iOS phone. It requires an AIR framework to work. The application is not able to provide the exact experience of an iOS phone because of a lack of hardware link. Best iOS Emulator

It is very useful for developers where they can upload the app on which they are working to check how it performs. And according to that they can change or modify their App. It is one of the best iOS emulators for PC which is really good.

Platform – Windows

AIR iPhone Link

4. iPadian (Recommended)

iPadian brings the UI of iOS with some preloaded iOS Apps including iMessage, YouTube, and some other Apps. It is a simulator and it does not have an iOS App Store. They roll out updates very frequently with some added features. Best iOS Emulator for Windows

As I told you it does not offer App Store so the usage of Apps is limited. But you can enjoy iOS features and get iOS experience.

Platform – Windows

iPadian Link

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5. App.io

It is a very interesting iOS emulator with a basic interface that makes it easy to use. Another good reason to go for App.io is that it is free. It is one of the best iOS emulators for pc that you should try. Best iOS Emulator for computer

It streams our mobile apps from the cloud to any device. Just sync the app bundle with the emulator, that’s it now you can use your app.

Platform – Windows

App.io Link

6. Appetize.io

This one is unique, it does not require any installation. You can Run native apps directly on your browser. They also provide paid service where you can get 24×7 Enterprise-level support and service level agreements. Best iOS Emulator for Computer

It works in the browser where you can upload your App through the Appetizer website or API. And then immediately you can use that app directly through your browser. The app you run is always the updated one. so enjoy testing Apps without installing them. It is one of the best iOS emulators for PC because it can run on any browser including PC.

Platform – Browsers

Appetizer.io Link

7. iPhone Simulator

It is a balanced simulator which is one of the best iOS emulators for PC that brings some interesting features. The graphics of this emulator is really great and also the user experience is realistic. You can easily run Apps that are provided by iPhone simulator. Best iOS Emulator

It does not have an iOS App Store to download and Install Apps. Also, we can not access to Apps which are disabled by default.

Platform – Windows

iPhone Simulator Link

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Best iOS Emulator for Android

8. Cider APK

It is an APP for Android device which creates a platform where users can experience iOS. It is totally free so you don’t need to worry about spending money on it. A user can use iOS Apps on their Android Phone using Cider APK.

Cider APK is not available on the Play Store because the App has discontinued. But here you can find the APK link and enjoy the Cider App. It is one of the best iOS emulators for Android.

Platform – Android

Cider APK Link


iEMU is also an App similar to Cider which provides a platform to a user to run iOS Apps on Android. It also provides a testing environment where developers can test their apps or games to produce a better app. Best iOS Emulator for Android

iEMU also discontinued and it is not available in Play Store. But if you get your hands on APK file then its really great. Go and grab it and enjoy using an iOS emulator on Android.

Platform – Android

10. All in One iOS Emulator

All in One is an amazing iOS emulator for Android developed by Gaziaggelos, he is a senior member at XDA Forum. It is unique and also features Siri inside the emulator.

This emulator is not as good as an iEMU emulator but it has its own unique features that make it comparable.

Platform – Windows

Note: You can also try iOS themed custom ROMs on your Android Phone to experience iPhone.

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If you are looking for the best iOS Emulator for PC like Bluestacks Android Emulator then it’s impossible. Because the iOS emulator is not as good as Android Emulator. There is a reason why no one can introduce a perfect emulator which is a security reason for iOS. So I will suggest iPadian if you just want to experience iOS. But if you are a developer then you can go for Smartface or MobiOne studio. I hope this was helpful and must have got that you were looking for.

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