7 Best Google Pixel 3 Cases & Back Covers

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are now available to buy. So if you are going to buy it or already have bought it then you need may need to protect it. Here are 7 best Google Pixel 3 Cases & Back Covers that are best in terms of durability and design.

google pixel 3 cases & covers

This post is all about only the Pixel 3 cases, not Pixel 3 XL. Everyone is loving the new Google Pixel 3 because it has an amazing feature without any disadvantage specifically the notch. The main focus of the phone is the camera, both front, and rear camera are amazing even in low light condition. Google Pixel 3 is also small and easy to hold in hand. Make sure to check out Google Pixel 3 specs if you are thinking about buying it.

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Best Google Pixel 3 Cases & Back Covers

The Pixel 3 has amazing features and also the phone is priced higher. So if you have the phone you don’t want to take the risk of breaking it. The phone does come with corning gorilla glass 5 on back and front, but it’s not enough to avoid cracks if it drops from higher. So that’s why we need to use Pixel 3 cases & covers to protect from any physical damage.

1. Google Pixel 3 Fabric Case

google pixel 3 case

The fabric case is from Google itself and they have made it perfect. The case looks cool and attractive. Google Pixel 3 fabric case come in four different color options Carbon, Indigo, Fog, and Pink Moon. Materials like Nylon and polyester fabric are used to make this case. Also, the active edge is working smoothly even after using the case on the phone so that’s another plus point. This is a Google product and so a bit expensive. The case is available for $40.

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2. Google Pixel 3 Slim Armor Case

Google Pixel 3 Case

If you are looking for a transparent case than this might be the best choice. This is the product from Spigen. One thing I don’t like about Spigen is branding the name on the case which doesn’t look good and if you also don’t like the case with the company name written on it then this is the piece. Yes, this one is transparent and there is no branding at all. The case is tough and shock absorbent. The wireless charging will work properly while using this case. This case will not hide the amazing look of Google Pixel 3. The case is available for $40.

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3. Google Pixel 3 Leather Case

Google Pixel 3 case

If you want a case with a premium look then the leather case is the first choice. This leather case is from Bellroy which is famous for their leather cases. The case looks amazing and the best fit for Google Pixel 3. The case is made using gold rated LWG tannery leather. Three color options are available for this case including Black, Navy, and Caramel. There is a branding at the cover but it is small and can not be noticed easily. It’s a great choice as the Google pixel 3 case. You can purchase it for $45 from google official site.

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4. Thin Fit Case for Google Pixel 3

case for Google Pixel 3

This is another good product from Spigen. The case is designed very similarly to the Pixel 3 itself. In the case, you will find two different colors separated in the same way as the original pixel 3. The cutout on the case is perfect and fits perfectly with the phone. Along with tough and shock absorbent the case is also well designed and looks premium. However, there is the Spigen written on the case but not noticeable in the black case. You can get the case for $12 from Amazon or Spigen Website.

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5. Dual Layer Case for Google Pixel 3

dual layer case for Google Pixel 3

If you are looking for a rugged case with attractive design and look then you can go for it. This case is from Asmart, this case has sports look on it. The case is durable and will protect from drops. Cutouts are perfect and fit perfectly on Google Pixel 3. TPU rubberized and hard material is used in the case. The case is available in three colors Black, Blue, and Green. Also, the case is affordable which is priced at around $8.

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Best Google Pixel 3 Cases & Back Covers in India

In India Google Pixel 3 cases are available but limited till date. In a week or two, there will be many cases available. So we will try to update it whenever a good google pixel 3 case will be available. Spigen slim armor case is available in India and the link is given above.

1. Google Pixel 3 Case from TUDIA

google pixel 3 case

This is a durable and shock absorbent case which is also good in design. The case looks amazing and fits perfectly on Pixel 3. The case is available in two different color options which are Matte Black and Metallic Slate. I will prefer to buy Matte Black because it looks great on the phone. The case is available for Rs.1,200.

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2. Back Cover for Google Pixel 3 from Spigen

google pixel 3 back cover

Another great product from Spigen. The design of the case looks premium and the cutouts near volume buttons are unique and attractive. The case let users use the squeeze feature because of its flexibility. The material used in the case is plastic and rubber. This will save the phone from drops. The price is a bit higher than normal (Rs.2,200).

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Bottom Line

So this was the list of some best and durable Google Pixel 3 Cases and back covers. Just go through the list and select your favorite one. Also, do not forget to check their different colors.

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