20 Best Flash Games of 2018 (Runs without Internet on Browser)

Do you get bored during work in your office or college? Here I have something for you..”20 Best Flash Games 2018, some of them run without Internet in Browser”.

What are Flash Games?

Flash Games are the type of game that can be played in the browser on both computer and mobile over the internet and by using the plugin “Adobe Flash Player”. Flash Games are the type of game which does not use high-end graphics to run, they are the type of small graphics games that run smoothly with just an internet connection over any device. Though they do not need to be installed that’s why Flash Games are the best way to waste or enjoy your free time. Here is the list of 20 Best Flash Games 2018 which are as follows:-

20 Best Flash Games of 2018



T-REX is a well-known game which we get to play on the Google Chrome browser and it is still on the top list among the Best Flash Games. Despite the fact it doesn’t require any Internet Connection, you can easily enjoy this game in the offline mode. No matter how much slow your internet connection is, T-REX is always there for you to entertain with its tremendous challenge to break the past records.


8 Ball Pool

Here we come with another Best Flash Games named 8 Ball Pool for snooker lovers. The best thing about this game is that it can be played online with your Facebook friends as well as with other players online over the different countries in the world. You Just have to log in with your Facebook id and invite your Friend or you can log in as a Guest and enjoy the game as well. It also shows the current rank of you and your friend which is being delivered on the basis of the matches won by. In fact, it has been marked one the best flash games & best played games of 2017. It can be played as Flash Game and can also be Downloaded on your IOS as well as Android Devices.

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Pac Man Doodle

If you are a child born after 1990’s and want to get into your childhood days and the game you loved to play the most as a child here is that Flash Game for you Pac Man Doodle. Originally created in Japan this game was the best game which was being played in the 20th century and the 21st century on the Cartridge Console, and afterward launched by Google as a flash game in 2010. The Game contains four multi-colored ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde and the Player controls Pac Man which eats all the gold dots and the four ghost moves around to kill the Pac Man. And by eating all the dots the player moves to the next level.

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Moto X3M 2

If you love to race here is a game for you Moto X3M 2 presented by Y8.com. This is an adventure’s game with its great challenges and thrills you can play this game on website Y8.com which is known for its famous Flash Game website. After playing these games Check out the Best GBA Games of All Time.

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Table Tennis

Want to play Some Indoor games here is a Flash Game for you TABLE TENNIS.You can find this game also on Y8.com. This is a simple Tennis game which is played with just the movement of the mouse.

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Google Snake Game

Another Game presented by Google named Google Snake Game is the one of the best Flash Game by Google that can be played. Added by Google into its search engine in 2013. In this game the Player has to move the snake to eat the sugar cubes, sweets and while avoiding the eating of small crackers.

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Doodle Cricket

If you are a cricket fan here is a flash game for you doodle cricket. Launched by Google in 2017 during ICC Champions Trophy. This is a very interesting game with its lovable character which makes you enforced to this play this Game. It is one of the Best Flash Games in the Cricket category.

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Spark Chess

People who love to play Mind Games here is a Flash Game for you Spark Chess. This game is for those who love to test his/her mind which can be done by selecting the Opponent computer player. To play this game you can visit the site www.sparkchess.com.

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Magic Pen

This Flash Game is also a type of mind which gives you the Freedom to create any shape you want to make you just have to point the ball to its destination by making any shape you want but make sure you lastly end by scoring a good point before the given time. You can find this Interesting game on www.coolmath-games.com.

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Run 2

Another Lovely Flash Game from Coolmath-games.com RUN 2. This is also an interesting game in which the character need’s to run the if the game seems to be pretty fast you can adjust the frame rate. This game requires enormous concentration and memorization, Which bring’s it into the category of Mind game.

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Here we have also had a Sudoku Flash Game for you which Comes with different levels Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance. In this game, you need to fill the gaps/blanks using the numbers 1-9 in which the number should be repeated neither in row-wise nor in column wise and nor within the cubes. You can just check your ability and how fast your mind works in this game. This game is for those who love to challenge their mind – Best Flash Games.

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Get 1000

Get 1000 is also an interesting Flash Game. Get1000 is a logic puzzle game in which the goal is to merge tiles to get 1000 in the center it is the latest game which was being launched a few days before. In this game, you have to just drag the tiles with a mouse to merge them. In this game, four modes are available Classic, Speedrun, Time attack and Daily Quest in which all parts have different challenges.

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Hero in the Ocean

This is an adventure game HERO IN THE OCEAN which you can find on a great website which is also known for its best Flash Games with best graphics named Miniclip. In this game, you have to collect the star and save the scuba diver. This game is quiet adventures and it comes with different levels and the best thing about this game is its background music which is quite addictive and works as a catalyst in the game which you will love to listen.

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Cut the Rope

This game has a little monster named Om Nom which is always hungry for candy’s and the player have to feed him the candies by cutting the rope. Cut the Rope is the favorite game of kids from last 2-3 years.

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Rally Point 2

For all race lovers here’s a Flash Game for you named Rally Point 2. This game comes with really challenging thrills which you will love to play.

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Another interesting flash game named ROHMB from Miniclip. This is a Puzzle game in which you have to click on the rhomb to move them along their paths and make sure your rhomb have a clear route while reaching its destination. You must try this best online flash games.

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This Flash Game shows how you are passionate about the adventure, thrills because all you have to do is to jump in your vehicle and drive as fast as possible and to avoid a dangerous obstacle and collect the coins to upgrade your car. Do try this game because the only best driver can collect all the achievements.

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Raft War 2

In the list of Best Online Flash Games, Raft War take the 18th position because it is an addicting game. In the first part, Simon discovered gold and diamonds while playing on the beach, but bad guys tried to steal the treasure but Simon and his brother teamed up to fight with them.In this new version, you will find another challenge try this out on miniclip.com.

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This is another sensational Flash Game or addicting games which got famous in minimum span of time. It is a free multiplayer game in which you have to control your tank and shoot down both opponent. And the obstacle you will feel like you are in the geometric war because you fight with triangles and circles to survive. There are also soo many hacks which you can put into. And let you upgrade your tank and survive as long as possible. You can control your tank with the mouse.

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Bubble Trouble

This best flash game named Bubble trouble is a classic game in which you have to shoot with harpoon as the balls are dangerous for you and you have to break it down the level gets much harder as you progress and the role played by you is of an alien. You can control it by using the mouse and the four arrow keys on your keyboard.

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Bonus Best Flash Games 2018


Burrito Bison Revenge

This Flash Game named BURRITO BISON REVENGE is a revenge game with squashing action. The gummy bears are wrestling in the ring and you have to smash the gummy pigs and steal their coins. This is the bonus game in the list of 20 Best Flash Games.

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The list of Best Flash Games are as big as a river full of water, here I try to make the list small. And found 20 Best Flash Games of 2018 to play with internet or without Internet on your Browser. If you like these games, then share with your friends.



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