10 Best Discord Bots to Boost Your Server

If you’re using Discord and want to improve your servers. Here are 10 Best Discord Bots which enhance your server. If you’re new and unaware of it, then, Discord is one of the best and the famous chat platform for gamers. The gaming community let you attach to the gamers to play games with them as a multiplayer. The bots in discord allow you to interact with others to boost your gaming experience.

And the Best part is! You can add these bots instantly to your server. So, Let’s dive into the list of 10 Best Discord Bots.

Best Discord Bots

1. GAwesome Bot

GAwesome Bot is the best discord bot which is a multipurpose bot. Yes, you can do a lot with GAwesome. It has a robust extension system, a highly customizable interface, and much more. The features are also very useful like, giveaways, in-chat poll, trivia game, ModLog, and more. The robust extension allows you to search directly on Wikipedia, Google Search, Reddit, or YouTube. You can even create a to-do list & even kick or ban the members.Best Discord Bots

Download & Add GAwesome Bot on your Discord Server

2. Dyno Bot

Dyno is a useful bot for you if you’re looking something useful on discord. It is a fully customizable bot with intuitive web dashboard. It’s a power-pack bot which gives you the fully configurable dashboard, Moderation with Mod log, Advanced auto moderation feature, and more. Dyno assigns the AFK roles to post a status. You can use Google Search to stream YouTube videos & see Overwatch stats.Best Discord Bots

Download & Add Dyno Bot on your Discord Server

3. Dank Memer

If you love memes, then Dank Memer is for you. It has a huge collection of original memes which makes you laugh. The simple commands allow you to see the memes, even moderations, and configurations. Here are some example commands, automeme, enable/disable, kick, ban, lock, addtag, and more. You can buy the premium for features like Autoplaying flag and mem music, Donor Role in the server, and more. So, It’s the best meme bot to share “Dank” memes with your community.Best Discord Bots

Download & Add Dank Memer Bot on your Discord Server

4. Rythm Discord Bot

Rythm is feature-rich useful discord bot for music lovers. This bot has all the features which come with a music player. Yes, You can play, search or insert URL to directly play the music, you can also manage the playlists and queue order for the songs. It supports all the popular streaming platforms, like YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, and more. The commands are easy to remember, which makes it useful. So, Try it to enhance your music experience with discord.Best Discord Bots

Download & Add Rythm Best Free Discord Bot on your Server

5. Aethex

Another multipurpose discord bot, which helps you to do multiple things at a time. Aethex comes with simple commands for moderation, utility, music, and settings. You can quickly mute, kick, or add the users from your discord server. Tracking the games stats, rolling a dice, and search for an image all can be done using Aethex discord bot. With the help of music commands, you can play YouTube & sound cloud content.Best Discord Bots

Download & Add Aethex Bot on your Discord Server

6. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is the trusted gaming bot swear by some professional gamers. You can earn the XP by which you can customize your cards. Also, these incentive programs help the tatsumaki to make the audience active. The ton of commands allows you to manage the processes easily. It has capable to show you the stats with statistic command, shows the server information, user information, user role, and much more.Best Discord Bots

Download & Add Tatsumaki Bot on your Discord Server

7. Typical Bot

The all-rounder bot with a collection of great useful commands. Typical bot sports some cool features like playing mini-games (like 8ball, rolling a dice), jokes playing, stream a song, and more. It also allows you to assign the roles to the users in the server. Moderation tools allow you to manage the channel with commands like Adcheck, Kick, Ignore, and more. So, Add the Typical Bot on your server.Best Discord Bots

Download & Add Typical Bot on your Discord Server

8. 24/7

24/7 is a multisource collection of nonstop music bot for your discord bot. It allows you to play nonstop music 24/7. One of the best features is to play the radio, music from YouTube, even run the YouTube streams. You can play MP3 songs with help of link search using simple commands, searching on Google and a lot more. So, Try this useful 24/7 discord bot to enhance your music experience.Best Discord Bots

Download & Add 24/7 Music Bot on your Discord Server

9. FredBoat

Fredboat is one of the best discord bot which has hosted for over 600000+ servers. It helps you in playing music from Sound cloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Twitch, and direct links. The shuffle and repeat feature allows you to listen the songs again from the playlist. You can also skip the songs which are not useful with the skip command. It also has some other simple commands, by which you can join, leave, repeat, shuffle, and more.Best Discord Bots

Download & Add FredBoat Bot on your Discord Server

10. ErisBot

Erisbot is the stable discord bot which has some great features. It has hundreds of discord guilds & packs with a couple of simple commands. It also capable to work with RSS & Twitter feeds and create or manage the announcements manually. You can also disable the specific commands if want in Erisbot. So, it enhances your experience on your discord server.Best Discord Bots

Download & Add Erisbot on your Discord Server

Bottom Line

So, These are our collection of best discord bots. And according to me if you use these discord bots you will hardly require any other bot because these useful discord bots consist of many features.

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If you’ve any queries with you, then drop a comment in the comment section. I hope you have found that you were looking. If yes, share this article with your friends.

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