10 Best Call Recording Apps for Android [with Auto-Call Recording]

If you are using a Smartphone which don’t have a call recording feature then you can try best Call Recording Apps for Android. We will list some of the best call recorders for Android.

If you are looking for call recorder apps so the possible reason could be that you re not satisfied with the default call recording feature or your phone doesn’t have the recording feature by default. Call Recorder is the feature which can be also used as a security measure. There are multiple reasons to use voice call recording feature on any phone, not just Android-powered phones.

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The most important feature is that we can listen to an important conversation repeatedly when we want without interfering the second person. Let’s see which are the Apps that you can use to record calls on Android automatically or even manually.

Best Call Recording Apps for Android

1) Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the apps that don’t need an introduction. It has gained much popularity due to its amazing features. Other than call recording it can do many tasks like identifying caller name (saved or unsaved contacts). Truecaller is the user’s favorite app and more than 9 million users have rated an average of 4.6 rating out of 5. This shows how much user trust on this app. To be clear the call recording feature is paid on Truecaller but it’s worth it.

best call recording app for Android


  • Identify who is calling on your phone including unsaved contacts.
  • Automatic and Manual call recording feature.
  • You can check who viewed your profile on Truecaller.
  • Filters out spam calls and messages.
  • Block unknown and spam calls and messages.
  • Share locations, emoji, message in a flash to any online friend without calling.
  • Recharge and Bill pay feature with UPI.

Once you have the premium membership open the app. Now tap on three line bar on top left corner and open notifications. Now you will see a message mentioning call recording is here. Open the notification and tap OK. Now you can record phone calls using Truecaller.

2) Cube Call Recorder ACR

Cube Call Recorder ACR is a tool to record audio in calls and also other than calls. You can use it to record other output audio. Its a great call recording app for Android with easy controls. It let user to record audio with just one tap and stop the recording in one tap. The call recording feature is free to use but their are some features that are restricted to only premium members. The only lacking feature is that it doesn’t support VoIP call recording in all devices.

best call recording app for Android


  • Easy controls to start and stop recording.
  • Automatically and manually backup recordings to a cloud storage.
  • Save recordings in MPEG-4 and different quality levels.
  • Geo tagging feature with locations.
  • Skype, WhatsApp, Line call recording is available on some devices.

Install and open the app. Now tap on three bar on top left and turn on enable recording. Now when you make call or receive call the drawer will appear tap on it to record.

3) Automatic call recorder

Automatic call recorder is an app from Green Apple Studio to record conversations. Don’t be confuse with names there are many other Android call recorder app available in Play Store so be specific to look for developer. The App let users to choose contacts whose call will be recorded automatically. The features of the app is similar to other call recording apps but precision and call recording quality makes it better than others. Like other apps it also offers some paid features, but the call recording is free.

best call recording app for Android


  • Good call recording quality on incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Support for various call recording source such as MIC, voice call.
  • Choose between two different call recording formats mp3 and wav.
  • Important tab section for important call recordings.

Open Automatic call recorder app on your phone. Go to settings in the app and turn on Enable call recorder. Also turn on show notification to see recording status on call. Now when you make call or receive call then the call will be recorded automatically.

4) Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is an app by Appliqato which has downloaded more than 100million times on Play Store. The name of the App is same as the third App so use the link given here to download the exact App. If you want a simple call recording app with only call recording feature then this App is for you. The App is small in size and very easy to use. You can add Dropbox and Google Drive to backup call recordings on cloud. The app also offers paid services as pro feature.

best call recording app for Android


  • Cloud backup available for free on Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • You can set inbox size which means how many max recordings you want to store.
  • Automatically and manually call recording. You can set contacts to ignore automatic call recordings.
  • Effective search feature by name and number to find recordings easily.

Open the call recorder app. Tap on three bars on top left and open settings. Turn on record calls. Now when you make call or receive call the recording will start automatically and saved on app.

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5) Call Recorder – ACR

Call Recorder ACR is an call recording app by NLL. ACR in this app means Another Call Recorder which is a free call recording app with unique features. There is also pro version available but not recommended as they only offers not used features. The free version is enough to record calls in good quality. It has both automatic and manual call recording option. Make sure to turn off notification while disabled.

best call recording app for Android


  • Recycle bin option is available in play store to restore conversation which deleted by mistake.
  • Pin Lock feature is available for free.
  • Various cloud services are available to upload such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, WebDAV, FTP and more for free.
  • Mark important recordings to prevent from auto delete feature.

Open ACR app on your phone. Now tap on three bars on top left and turn on enabled option. Now it will automatically record incoming calls and outgoing calls.

6) Call Recorder – Automatic Call Recorder

Call Recorder is one of the nice automatic call recorder app available on Play Store. The app is well known as callX in Play Store. Out of all the call recording apps listed here this one has the best user interface in my opinion. It’s simple and eye catching. The premium features like No Ads, Automatic Dropbox sync, and Automatic Google Drive Sync are available but paid.

best call recording app for Android


  • Shake to start call recording is available for free users.
  • Multiple audio source options are available such as MIC, Voice_Call, Voice_Uplink, Voice_Downlink, Voice_Communication.
  • Mp3 and wav are two different format available to choose as recording format.
  • Audio quality settings can be manually controlled by user.
  • Recording storage can be set according to Recording numbers, Recording size or the File Date.

Open callX app on Android phone. Then tap on three bars on top left. Go to automatic recording and turn it on. Now in calls it will fetch and start recording the calls.

7) Call recorder

Call recorder is a good call recording app for Android which is developed by recorder & smart apps. The app provides incoming and outgoing call recordings in high quality. It has the easiest interface which makes it super easy to use. Also the App is providing almost all the features for free but with the ads. So if you are looking for best free call recording app for Android then you can consider Call recorder.

best call recording app for Android


  • Simple, easiest and clean interface
  • The app is almost free with all the features.
  • Security Pin option is available for free to make the app more secure.
  • Mp3 and wav format to save recordings and MIC, Voice Call as Audio Source.
  • Option to mark important call recordings.

Open call recorder app and then tap on settings icon on top right. Now turn on enable call recorder. Incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded automatically.

8) Call Recorder – Automatic Call Recorder

Call Recorder is another good call recording app for Android developed by Call Team(in short). The app allows users to save their call recordings on cloud storage (Google Drive). It also has option to let the apps to upload recordings automatically when the device is connected to WiFi. If you want to experience ads free app then you can buy it for 0.99$ or you can use it with ads for free.

best call recording app for Android


  • Voice Recording feature is available along with call recording.
  • Recycle bin is available to restore deleted call recordings.
  • Automatic call recordings on incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Four different Audio format to save recordings (Mp3, wav, AMR, AAC).
  • Shake to record feature is available for free.

Open the call recorder app and tap on three bars and turn on system call recorder. Now during calls it will automatically record conversation and after call it will ask to save recorded file.

9) Auto call recorder

Auto call recorder is one of the best free call recording apps with good features. You can directly record phone call conversations without any setback. It has option to choose bitrate and recording format from the App homepage. You can set PIN lock for security measures and also you can choose intervals for auto delete.

best call recording app for Android


  • Cloud synchronization feature is available in the App.
  • You can filter call recordings by time, group by names, group by date.
  • Automatic and manual call recording on incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Favorite section is available to see important call recordings marked by the user.

Open the call recorder app and tap on three bars on top left. Now go to setting and turn on enable call recorder. This will record incoming and outgoing phone calls automatically.

10) Call Recorder

Call Recorder is another great recording app developed by lovekara. The app is pre loaded with great features like any other call recording apps. The interface provided in the App is just like older iPhones. It is totally free and has no pro version of the app. The quality with this call recorder is also good.

best call recording app for Android


  • Simple user interface which looks just like old iPhones.
  • The app is completely free but ads will be there too.
  • Different skins are available to change themes.
  • You can set the level of Record volume.

Go to the app and tap on three dot on top right and turn on call recorder. It will also record phone calls automatically. The recording will be accessed from the app when you open it.


So these are the top 10 call recording app for Android. You can try any of these Apps. If you want to invest to get a good quality call recording app then try Truecaller. And if you just want to use recording feature then i will prefer to go with free version of any Call recording App.

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