10 Best Applock for Android with Latest Security Features (2020)

An Applock is a must-have tool on Android phones. It is because of risks of personal data which is stored in various apps on phones. No one wants to let go their information on the wrong hands.

So if you are curious about your data and want to save all the information stored on an Android Smartphone then you must go through the list of 10 best Applock for Android phones.

These App locks let users keep their App and Apps information very safe. Nowadays numerous useful apps are available for the Android Smartphone. And we also need many apps on our Android smartphone for day to day usage. But we can not make sure that the information on those apps are safe or not. But using Applock changes everything, it restricts unknown users from accessing or opening the apps and so they cannot steal or view any information. Are you ready to check out amazing App lockers for Android?

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Note: Names of different App locks can be same so use the provided link to get the exact app you selected.

Best Applock for Android

1. AppLock

AppLock is a secure and trusted app for android. The app is in PlayStore from a long time and secured many Android devices with its Applock features. It is one of the best App lockers for Android with more than 100million downloads on Play Store. It is a perfect Applock for Android phones. Users can choose Pattern Lock, Password and Fingerprint Lock method to lock apps on Android.

Best Applock for Android

AppLock can lock any app on the phone including System UI, Settings, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Gallery, Photos, Videos. Along with the App & data, it can also lock Auto-sync, Bluetooth, WFi toggles to avoid any interruption. To make it very simple developer has also included profile system where users can set profiles to lock selected apps on those profiles. Als,o the app has Time Lock features to lock everything during the time set by users.

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2. AppLock – Fingerprint

This one is a very good Applock for Android which is used to lock Apps, Device, Toggles, Screen, Rotation. It is a trusted Applock which is downloaded over 10 million times on Play Store. A user can set Pattern Lock, Pin Lock, or Fingerprint lock to unlock or access locked data on the Smartphone. It is a free Applock for Android without ads.

Best Applock for Android

To catch intruder users can turn on the intruder mode, and whenever an intruder tries to open locked data with a wrong password the phone will capture the intruder’s photo. The System Lock feature is also included in the app locker to lock Calls, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB Connection, Multitasking. Users can also set time when the app lock will work and when not. Another feature in the app lock called Screen Lock which will prevent from changing or adjusting brightness and screen on & off.

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3. Vault – App Lock, Hide SMS Pics and Videos

Vault is a multipurpose app with App Lock, Hide data, Backup features. So if you are looking for an all in one security tool for Android then you can try Vault App Locker. The app comes as a free version but also contain a paid premium version. In premium features, users will get fake Vault mode, Break-in Alerts mode, and Stealth Mode.

Best Applock for Android

The app locker comes with Camouflage App Lock feature so that intruders can not even open the locked apps. In camouflage mode, the app locker shows an error message when an intruder wants to access locked apps. Like other app lockers, it also has three unlocking methods including Pattern Lock, Pin Lock and Fingerprint Lock. The main advantage of the App locker is that users can back up their data on the cloud using their email address.

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4. Private Zone – AppLock, Video & Photo Vault

Private Zone is also a multipurpose tool with AppLock as its main feature. The app locker is very easy to use because of the effective user interface. Private Zone is one of the top app lockers for android phones with more than 100 million downloads on Play Store. The app locker shows ads on the unlock screen but it doesn’t show any ads later. Read this guide to remove ads from Apps. The app locker deserves a place in the top Applock for android.

Best Applock for Android

In this app locker, users can hide and lock videos, images, apps, and other files with fingerprint lock and pattern lock. Along with the App lock feature, this app has free VPN service also for safe browsing experience. Clone feature in the app provides a feature to clone or duplicate any installed app on the phone. So if you are looking for a tool with all of these features then Private Zone is the best choice.

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5. Norton App Lock

Norton is a very popular software security company mainly famous for their antivirus protection. The company has also introduced various Apps for Android and Norton App Lock is one of those apps. It’s a good option to go for a trusted and a big software product. It is the best Applock without Ads for Android devices. As most of the famous software like PayTM are using Norton security, and considering all of its features you can pick this one as your app locker without any doubts.

Best Applock for Android

It is a secure and effective App lock for android with a very easy interface. If you are looking for a simple and an app with only app locking feature then you can always pick Norton App Lock over any other app locker. Anyone can simply operate this app, just tap on lock button to lock the app and tap on unlock to unlock the app. The app lock supports fingerprint and pattern lock.

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6. AppLock by IVYMOBILE

AppLock by IVYMOBILE is another good app locker for android with more than 10 million downloads on Play Store. You can lock apps, photos, videos and other data with the Pattern lock, and Pin lock. The app locker has multiple theme options to choose, which will change the look of the lock screen.

Best Applock for Android

Applock also offers advanced protection features which contain Intruder selfie, Stable Operation, Power saving, Popup. So you can enable it on the background without worrying about battery drain because of power saving feature. Fake Cover is another highlighted feature of the app locker. In the fake cover, the app icon will be covered with another icon and can be unlocked with the owner only.

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7. AppLock by SailingLab

This App locker is a very famous Applock app available on Play Store with more than 10 million downloads. It’s a very light app and only provides the necessary app lock feature. It is one of the most anticipated AppLock which amazing features. The user interface of the App locker is very simple and easy to use. The app locker is free but the VIP version with additional features are also available.

Best Applock for Android

The only annoying thing in the free version of this app is Ads which appears a lot during the unlock process. Apart from the Ads, everything is good. Uninstall protection feature is also available in which it only allows the user to uninstall an app from the device. And for locking and unlocking process Pin lock, fingerprint lock and pattern lock are available.

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8. MAX App Lock

Max App Lock is a highly rated app locker for android which is downloaded more than 10 million times on play store. It can secure apps by locking them with fingerprint and Pattern lock. It is an amazing app locker with fewer ads and it is free but has in-app purchase service. It also has premium features like Intruder alert, Disguise Lock, max fake Icon, and Photo vault for free.

Best Applock for Android

It is one of my favourite app locker of all time because of real-time security protection along with Applock. The app has many features that we can’t even expect from an App locker like CPU Cooler, Phone boost, Battery Saver. File Scan, Game Booster, Clipboard Manager, App Manager and Notification Organizer.

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9. AppLock by 302 Lock Screen

This App Locker comes with amazing features. The main advantage of having this app lock is that it is very smooth and does not affect any other app by its own performance. It can be used to lock any apps on an android phone. So if you want to protect data from intruders then you can also use this app.

Best Applock for Android

The locking method available in this app locker is Pattern lock, Pin lock with a different theme and Fingerprint lock. The app supports multiple theme and wallpaper which you can set according to your preference. It is super easy to use because of its simple user interface.

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10. Applock by Best App

The App locker is a theme based app lock for those who like to use colorful apps. In this app, most of the premium features are available like Intruder selfie, Prevent uninstallation, and auto-lock timeout. For user convenience, it has a different section for locked access to edit the changes easily.

Media Vault is also available in the app to lock and hide images and videos. One more additional feature is available called Lock Incoming calls. For locking, apps users can set Fingerprint scanner, Pin lock and Pattern lock. The ads are the only problem in the free version of the app so if you want to experience ad-free app locker you can buy through In-app purchase service.

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More on Apps:

So that’s it! these are the top App locks for android that are available on PlayStore for free. I will recommend going for the apps which are more secure like Norton App Lock. But the choice is yours to choose the best one from these apps according to your convenience.

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