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A launcher is the best way to customize your Android phone easily. Here we found Best 5 Android Launchers 2017. You can use any of the mentioned launchers.

Best 5 Android Launchers 2017:

1.Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the best android launcher. Nova launcher is a most powerful android launcher.Nova Launcher comes with some great default settings, which will work for most people. Like Google Now launcher, Pixel Launcher, Nova Launcher also has the same way to organize all apps in vertical scrolling order.

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2. Pixel Launcher (Made by Google)

Pixel Launcher is also the best Android Launcher ever and have some great features which are not available in any launcher. Google Pixel Launcher is a very simple and easy to use the launcher. Google Pixel Launcher has some great features like, swipe up, and you can easily access App drawer and changed Google Search icon on the home screen which looks very cool.

DOWNLOAD LINK (Direct Apk Link, Play Store Link)

3. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is also a best launcher like pixel launcher both launchers have the same brand and have some great features which are not available in any launcher. This Launcher is a very simple and easy to use the launcher. This Launcher has some great features like swipe left and you can easily access Google Now features (Weather, Events, Stock Market News & More) with Google Search.


4. Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 is a cool launcher for your Android phone. The launcher comes with a simple, easy to use interface. It has some amazing features like, swipe left, and you can quickly open the app drawer.

DOWNLOAD LINK HERE (with in-app purchases)

5. Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher is an Android launcher developed by Microsoft, and it looks rather good. It has a simple User Interface, easy to handle. It works well.


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