Download Battlegrounds Mobile India Wallpapers in FHD+ (PC & Mobile)

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new title for the PUBG exclusively for India. Last year in 2020 Indian Government banned the PUBG game for some reason. And about a year later, Krafton the Korean company finally released the excluding Indian variant of the game with the title Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI. If you like the game and its scenes, you will also like BGMI Wallpapers. Here you get to download Battlegrounds Mobile India Wallpapers for PC and Mobile.

The Gameplay and everything on BGMI are the same as PUBG mobile. There are only a few changes like text, blood color, etc. Battlegrounds Mobile India managed to achieve a higher number of pre-registration which shows users are still interested in the game. The game was released on 17th June as beta, and after a few weeks, it was released for everyone.

The new title of course brings new wallpapers and the collection is a mix of the exclusive title and PUBG. The new logo has a color combination of the Indian flag which looks great and there are few changes that make exclusive wallpapers special. We managed to extract more than 30 Battlegrounds Mobile India wallpapers which we are going to share with you. BGMI Wallpapers collection contains wallpapers for Desktop as well as Mobiles. So let’s start with the PC collection.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Wallpapers for PC

The BGMI Wallpapers collection contains 1920 x 1080, 3840 x 2160, 2560 x 1440, and other resolution wallpapers. And all the wallpapers in the collection are available in High quality which means even if the resolution is not exactly like your PC, you can use the wallpaper without any compromise with quality. There are a total of 26 BGMI Wallpapers for PC. Below you can check the preview of all the Battlegrounds Mobile India Wallpapers which is only for representation. So only use the download links to get high-quality wallpapers.

BGMI Wallpapers for PC – Preview

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India Wallpapers for PC

Now you know the design and appearance of all the wallpapers that will help you decide which wallpaper you want to download. All these wallpapers are in wide resolution like 1920 x 1080, 3840 x 2160, 2560 x 1440 which is applicable for PCs, TVs, and any wide screens. If you like the BGMI wallpapers collection for PC, then you can download the BGMI wallpaper collection using the Google Drive Link.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Wallpaper for Smartphones

In case you want the BGMI Wallpapers for your phone, then this is the section to look for. There are a few wallpapers that are extracted from the official site and a few that are customized manually for Mobile resolution. The BGMI wallpapers mobile collection includes 1080 x 2400. 1080 x 1080 resolution. There are a total of 16 Battlegrounds Mobile India wallpapers for mobile phones. Check out the preview section to have a look at the wallpaper collection.

BGMI Wallpapers for Mobile – Preview

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India for Phones

After checking the preview, if you like the collection, then here you get to download it. In this collection, BGMI wallpapers are available for Mobile resolutions like 1080 x 2400 which is a common resolution for smartphones. You can download the BGMI mobile wallpapers from Google Drive Link.

After downloading Battlegrounds Mobile India wallpapers on your device, you can apply with the default method.

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