Azur Lane Tier List 2022 (All Ships Ranked)

Role-playing mobile games have always been a hit simply because most of them are anime styled and also have a large choice of characters you can choose to battle against each other. Today, we will be taking a look at the best characters that you should use in Azur Lane. The characters in this game are known as ships that you add to your fleet for various battles. Whenever there is a battle involved, it’s important to know the Azur Lane Tier List of Ships.

Azur Lane is available free to download on Android and iOS devices. Here is a tier list of all ships in the Azur Lane game from the best to the worst. The first tier will show you the best ships and the bottom one will have the worst ships that you should avoid using in your battles.

Azur Lane Tier List

Armed with this tier list, you will have a good idea of what ship is the best, the right placement as well as what type of ship would be perfect for your battles. Along with the best characters or in this case Battleships, strategy is also important. So if you pair good strategy and good character, you will be unbeatable. Let’s jump right into the tier list.

Azur Lane S Tier Ships List

TypeShip Placement
Aircraft CarrierEnterpriseBack Row
Aircraft CarrierRyuuhouBack Row
BattleshipFriedrich der GrosseBack Row
BattleshipGascogneBack Row
BattleshipGeorgiaBack Row
BattleshipHoweBack Row
BattleshipMonarchBack Row
BattleshipNagatoBack Row
BattleshipOdinBack Row
BattleshipRichelieuBack Row
BattleshipWarspite RetrofitBack Row
Heavy CruiserBaltimoreVanguard
Heavy CruiserBremertonVanguard
Heavy CruiserDrakeVanguard
Heavy CruiserRoonVanguard
Large CruiserAzumaVanguard
Light Aircraft CarrierCentaurBack Row
Light CruiserChapayevVanguard
Light CruiserHelenaVanguard
Light CruiserSan Diego RetrofitVanguard
Light CruiserSeattleVanguard
Submarine CarrierI-13Back Row

Azur Lane A Tier Ships List

Aircraft CarrierBunker HillBack Row
Aircraft CarrierEssexBackline
Aircraft CarrierGraf ZeppelinBack Row
Aircraft CarrierIllustriousBack Row
Aircraft CarrierIntrepidBack Row
Aircraft CarrierPerseusBack Row
Aircraft CarrierSaratoga RetrofitBack Row
Battle CruiserAmagiBack Row
BattleshipAlabamaBack Row
BattleshipBismarckBack Row
BattleshipDuke of YorkBack Row
BattleshipJean BartBack Row
BattleshipKing George VBack Row
BattleshipTosaBack Row
DestroyerAn ShanVanguard
DestroyerLaffey RetrofitVanguard
DestroyerZ23 RetrofitVanguard
Heavy CruiserCheshireVanguard
Heavy CruiserMinneapolisVanguard
Heavy CruiserPortland RetrofitVanguard
Heavy CruiserSaint LouisVanguard
Heavy CruiserZaraVanguard
Light Aircraft CarrierUnicornBack Row
Light CruiserJintsuu RetrofitVanguard
Light CruiserMontpelierVanguard
Light CruiserNeptuneVanguard
Light CruiserNing Hai RetrofitVanguard
Light CruiserNoshiroVanguard
Light CruiserPing Hai RetrofitVanguard
Light CruiserSwiftsureVanguard
Light CruiserYat-Sen RetrofitVanguard
Repair ShipAkashiBack Row
Repair ShipVestalBack Row

Azur Lane B Tier Ships List

Type ShipPlacement
Aircraft CarrierArk RoyalBack Row
Aircraft CarrierCasablancaBack Row
Aircraft CarrierKagaBack Row
Aviation BattleshipHyuuga RetrofitBack Row
Battle CruiserHoodBack Row
BattleshipChampagneBack Row
BattleshipLittorioBack Row
BattleshipNorth CarolinaBack Row
BattleshipQueen ElizabethBack Row
BattleshipTirpitzBack Row
BattleshipValiantBack Row
DestroyerNicholas RetrofitVanguard
DestroyerZ1 RetrofitVanguard
Heavy CruiserIbukiVanguard
Heavy CruiserLondonVanguard
Heavy CruiserMogami RetrofitVanguard
Light Aircraft CarrierShouhouBack Row
Light CruiserAuroraVanguard
Light CruiserBirminghamVanguard
Light CruiserClevelandVanguard
Light CruiserColumbiaElite
Light CruiserDidoVanguard
Light CruiserHermioneVanguard
Light CruiserJeanne D’ArcVanguard
Light CruiserLittle BelVanguard
Light CruiserNewcastle RetrofitVanguard

Azur Lane C Tier Ships List

Aircraft CarrierHiryuu RetrofitBack Row
Aircraft CarrierShoukakuBack Row
Aircraft CarrierSouryuu RetrofitBack Row
Aircraft CarrierVictoriousBack Row
Aircraft CarrierZuikakuBack Row
BattleshipArizonaBack Row
BattleshipGangutBack Row
BattleshipIzumoBack Row
BattleshipLittle RenownBack Row
BattleshipSurugaBack Row
DestroyerKagerou RetrofitVanguard
DestroyerKizuna AlVanguard
Heavy CruiserAlgerieVanguard
Heavy CruiserPrinz EugenVanguard
Heavy CruiserWichitaVanguard
Light CruiserBelfastVanguard
Light CruiserCuracoa RetrofitVanguard
Light CruiserCurlew RetrofitVanguard
Light CruiserSheffieldVanguard
Light CruiserSiriusVanguard

Azur Lane D Tier Ships List

Aircraft CarrierAkagiBack Row
Aircraft CarrierBataanBack Row
Aircraft CarrierEagleBack Row
Aircraft CarrierFumiruiruBack Row
Aircraft CarrierShangri-LaBack Row
Aircraft CarrierTaihouBack Row
BattleshipMikasaBack Row
Light CruiserBiloxiVanguard
Light CruiserKinuVanguard
Light CruiserRenoVanguard
Light CruiserSendai RetrofitVanguard

Azure Lane F Tier Ships List

Aircraft CarrierAnniversary Kizuna AlBack Row
Aircraft CarrierZeppyBack Row
Light Aircraft CarrierChaserBack Row
Light CruiserIsuzuVanguard


This concludes the Azur Lane tier list of ships. With this tier list available, new players, as well as old players of the mobile game, will have a good idea of what characters to pick and what to avoid while preparing for your battles.

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