Asus rolls out Android 14 Update for Zenfone 9

It has been some time since Asus last rolled out an Android 14 update for its last phone. This week, another Asus phone joined the Android 14 party. Asus Zenfone 9 is getting stable Android 14 update after a long wait. With this latest rollout, three Asus smartphone series have now been updated to Android 14. Read on to know more about Zenfone 9 Android 14 update.

The ZenFone was released in the second half of 2022 and with this device, Asus shifted its focus to creating compact premium Android phones. Asus Zenfone 9 arrived with Android 12 update. Later, the device received the Android 13 update, making Android 14 the second major update.

Asus officially announced the Android 14 update for the ZenFone 9 on its community forum. As per the official information, the update carries build number 34.0304.2004.87. This is the beginning of the update rollout which means, it can take time to reach all the eligible devices maybe in the next couple of weeks.

Since Android 14 is a major update, it comes with many changes and new features. Luckily we have the official changelog that you may want to read to know what this update has in stores for Zenfone 9 users.

Zenfone 9 Android 14 Changelog

  • Upgraded system to Android 14
  • Revamped Mobile Manager, Contacts, Phone, Emergency Dialer, File Manager, Calculator, Clock, Gallery, Sound recorder, Settings, Phone Clone, Local backup, Launcher, and so on
  • Support the color and brightness customization of the clock widget on the lock screen
  • Support new “Photos and Videos” permission, and system photo picker to further control apps to access relevant information
  • Adjusted the display method of battery usage to view app usage in segments
  • Added the Manage system shortcuts option in Edge tool
  • Sound recorder added app recording feature, and adjusted the information display method of sound recordings
  • Game Genie added the gaming options, show macro tracks, the blocking management settings of
  • No alerts and No calls, activate macro in background mode, and removed search option.
  • Launcher added the Search bar on the bottom setting and more grid size options, improved home screen layout and displayed the app name on a single line
  • Added the open floating windows via heads-ups, eye protection mode, and auto long screenshots settings
  • Some 3rd party apps are not compatible with Android 14 yet

As mentioned earlier, this is the beginning of the Android 14 rollout for Zenfone 9. So it can take a few weeks till everyone gets the update. If you haven’t received the update yet, then make sure to check for the update manually as it can drop at any time. You can check the update in Software/System update page in Settings.

Once you get the update, make sure to take backup of your data before installing the update. Installing the update won’t erase data but you should have backup to restore if anything goes wrong.

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