Arc Search Introduces a New Way to Satisfy Your Queries

Arc Search, a browser by The Browser Company, has received a new update on iPhone. The update is called ‘Call Arc’. As the name suggests, this feature is related to calls. Arc Search now mimics a phone call to give you answers to your queries verbally.

Call Arc is an AI-powered feature that is a bit different from the already existing voice search. When a user brings the phone near their ear while the browser is open, the browser screen changes to a phone call screen and when its ready it will reply with ‘Hey’. Users can then ask their queries and the Arc browser will respond with a voice reply.

It is definitely a fun way to use internet search. It’s like having a conversation over a call, which many users may find useful. This could also save your time in various situations. It would be even more interesting if users could dial a number and get answers to their queries without having to use an internet connection, but that’s a topic for another day.

Currently, the browser is not available for Android, so only iPhone users can enjoy this feature. To use the new Call Arc, first update your Arc Search app to the latest version. Then open the app and put the phone near your ear as if you were on a phone call. It will ask for Voice and Speech Recognition Permission for first time users.

Once you have given the permission ask your query. The browser will take some time and then give you the answer verbally. It will play some music while it browse for the answer. To end the conversation, simply press the End Call button.

Here’s the official statement from the App for the new version:

Introducing Call Arc:

Arc Search now has voice-activated search, triggered by holding your phone to your ear and saying your query — just like you’re making a phone call. Upon using Call Arc, you'll instantly hear your search results, accompanied by an animated smiley face! You can also click "Read More" to access full Browse for Me results for each query.

The Browser Company says that the voice search provides answers faster than typing. So this can be quite useful when you want a quick answer to a small query.

I tested this feature for a while and found it useful for many cases. Also it provides correct answers most of the times. It takes a few seconds (2-5 seconds) to provide answers after sharing the query.

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