Download Android Q Ringtones for any Smartphone

Android Q beta first build is available for Google Pixel smartphones with lots of new features. Along with software features, it also comes with new Wallpapers and Ringtones. Here you can download Android Q Ringtones in High Quality. If you are looking for Android Q wallpapers then check out here.

Download Android Q ringtones

Just like every year, Google released the first developer’s preview of Android Q beta with a schedule of upcoming betas and final stable Android Q. If you own a Google Pixel smartphone then check out how to install Android Q on Pixel phones. And if you don’t have any Pixel series phone then you have to wait a little bit until Google announces it for other phones. Also, it’s not just Google the Smartphones company have to roll the update too.

If you want to get the features of Android Q on your phone then you will start from wallpapers, ringtones, icons, and other things. Luckily we found Android Q Ringtones in high quality and it is very attractive just like the iPhone ringtone. There are multiple ringtones, alarm, notifications sound comes with Android Q and here you can download all.

Android Q Features

New Privacy Settings:

The main focus of Android Q is to keep safe user’s privacy. And so they included another section called Privacy in settings from where users can easily provide or revoke permissions to various apps. There were a lot of complains that many apps are using location and camera services without letting them know. So with Android Q users will have full control to give location and camera permission. When we will open an app in Android Q it will ask for permission and if you want you can give permission. Also when any app using your phone’s camera, it will show on the status bar.

New Notification Controls:

Android Q comes with different notification controls. In Android Pie, we have to swipe left or right to dismiss notifications. But in Android Q we have to swipe right to dismiss notifications, and on swiping right it further options to snooze and mute. Also in Android Pie on long-pressing notifications, it gives two option “Stop notifications” and “Keep Showing”. But in Android Q on long pressing notifications, it gives three different options “Block”, “silent notification”, and “Keep alerting notifications”.

Theming Option:

In stock Android phones it is tough to customize the phone. To customize the phone either we use a launcher like nova launcher or end up rooting our phones. But in Android Q we are getting few options to customize Accent color, Headline/Body font, and Icon shape. This is a hidden option and available in developer options. So first you have to enable developer options by pressing build number multiple times.

Customized Pixel Launcher:

Sometimes we delete shortcut icons from homepage and then we have to go back to App drawer and bring that App back to homepage. Well in Android Q we don’t have to repeat the process because when we remove any icon from homepage it gives the option to undo the step.

New Wallpapers and Ringtones:

In every Android OS update, we get new wallpapers and Ringtones. Similarly, in Android Q there are a bunch of new Wallpapers and Ringtones are included. It is good to add new wallpapers and ringtone along with features. So if you want to get ringtones on your phone, then download it from Android Q ringtone download section below.

Other than these feature Desktop mode, dark mode, multiple app mode, and other features are also included in the new Android 10 Q OS.

Download Android Q Ringtones

Android Q comes with many new Ringtone, Alarm sounds, and Notification sounds. The music included for ringtones is soft, musical, melodious, sweet, and tuneful. If you want to try new ringtones on your phone then you should download Android Q Ringtones. I will split the downloads in three different links containing Android Q ringtones, Alarm sounds, and Notification sound.

Download Android Q Ringtones

Download Android Q Alarm Sounds

Download Android Q Notification Sounds

These are the google drive links and the file extension is RAR. So after downloading make sure to extract the RAR file using Winzip or WinRAR. And then transfer all the sounds (as .ogg extension) to phone. In your phone open Settings and go to the Sound section. Click on Phone ringtone and select a file explorer and select the ringtone you want to set on your phone. Similarly, you can do this for Alarm and notification sound.

More Ringtones:

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