Android 14 Wallpaper: Are there any new Wallpapers?

Google has finally released stable Android 14 for Pixel phones after testing it for more than half a year. Android 14 packs a lot of new features, but what about wallpapers, does it have any wallpapers or not? Here you will find about Android 14 Wallpapers.

Yes Android 14 AOSP has a default wallpaper. But this is the same old wallpaper which was available in Android 12 and Android 13 as well. You may not find it on non-Pixel phones but the wallpaper is present in the Android 14 AOSP code. If you are asking about new wallpapers, No, there are no new wallpapers in Android 14.

We have seen OEMs launching new custom UI upgrades with many new wallpapers but we have not seen any new wallpapers in stock Android for the last few years. However, Google compensates for this by regularly adding new wallpapers to the Google Wallpapers app.

Android 14 is an upgrade that improves features introduced in last two years along with some new features. One of the main feature is the new lock screen personalization. There is a new screen picker using which you can easily choose the best widget combination for your lock screen. There are many useful features on Android 14 that you are going to enjoy. Now let’s see the Android 14 stock wallpaper.

Note: Below is the preview image of the wallpaper just for the representation. Preview is not in the original quality so don’t download from images. Use the download link given in the download section below.

Android 14 Wallpaper Preview

Android 14 Wallpaper

Download Android 14 Wallpaper

As you can see in the preview, the wallpaper still looks good compared to the wallpapers we’ve seen on recent phones. Yes, the quality of wallpapers nowadays is nowhere close to the quality we used to get in wallpapers few years ago. Default Android 14 wallpaper is available in high quality and high resolution of 2160 x 2400 pixels.

You can download the wallpaper from this link. After downloading the wallpaper, you can apply it from your file manager or gallery. The process could be different for different devices.

I know there is only one wallpaper in Android 14 collection, so here are some other good wallpapers collections that you might like:

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