Android 14 for TV Brings Picture-in-Picture and Energy Saving Options

One of the leading TV operating systems is Google’s own Android TV OS. Now, it has been a while since Google released anything major for the Android TV OS experience.

However, things are set for a change as Google has announced a newer version of Android TV OS, Android 14. Android 14 for TV will soon be coming to supported smart TVs powered by Google TV, as well as newer Google Chromecast plug-in devices.

What’s New in Android 14 for TVs?

First up, Google is now going to help improve the Android TV experience. We should be expecting more and better TV experience on Android 14. Next, Google is also bringing in energy modes for Android TVs. You will be able to switch through different energy modes, which tell the TV itself whether it needs more power or less power. You can assume these energy modes as the different power savers available on the smartphone version of Android.

Android 14 For TV update

In terms of accessibility, the previous Android OS version didn’t have much. With Android TV OS 14, you will now have options such as color correction, enhanced text options as well as better navigation for all users. New TVs will come with shortcuts that you can use with your remote.

Android 14 For TV update

One of the most important features of Android 14 TV OS is the multitasking feature. You will finally be able to use the Picture in Picture mode but, that will be only on specific TV models.

Android 14 For TV update

Now, if you are an Android app developer, you can make use of new tools that can help you develop better Android apps for TVs. With the new Compose for TV, which is currently in beta,  you will now be able to create dedicated components or sections for your TV apps. As Google was talking about performance and experience improvements, developers can use Compose for TV to bring in smooth navigation as well as animations that look sensible for TV screens.

Apart from this, a lot of Android apps will soon work perfectly on your Android TV screens without issues thanks to the ViewModel class. Developer scan uses this model for apps so that they can run fine on smartphones, tablets, foldable, and now, on TV screens.

When is Android 14 for TV Coming Out?

With the new Android 14 for TV OS being announced, it will soon be time to see which TV manufacturers are ready to release the new OS update to their devices. We can expect the update to be released first to compatible Chromecast devices.

Additionally, one can expect more features to be announced later for smart TVs running on Android 14 for TV.

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